Friday Favorites- Swing Set fun

Hey friends!!! How has everyone's week been going? It's FRIDAY We have been recuperating from everyone being sick, Austin's birthday party last weekend, and preparing for a road trip next week. The weather in Northern Ohio has been gorgeous, the kids have gotten lots of fresh air this week, and I have also watched way to many Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel than I would like to admit. 

I'm joining in with ErikaNarci, and Andrea for another week of Friday Favorites. For Austin's birthday a bunch of family chipped in and we all got the kids a Swing Set for the back yard. We put it together a few weeks ago and my kids, the neighbor kids, and friends have all enjoyed it. 

Ella's favorite part has to be the "order taking" window. 

She is also a monkey who loves to swing and hang upside down from the monkey bar. (I really need to get her back in gymnastics)

This girl really reminds me of my younger self. Always being wild and giving me at least a million heart attacks a day. 

Austin is also a wild man who has no fear. The first day he learned how to walk up the side without any hands. 

He also loves the rock climbing wall. It took him a few days to figure out how to climb it but now he is a pro. There is also a ladder on the other side that he can climb up and down in a blink of an eye. Guess we can get bunk beds now.

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