Hello July

July came way to quick, and it is already Saturday the 8th. I have always felt like whenever July comes around it will be gone in a blink of an eye and it will be time for Back to School. I am not ready to officially have a Kindergartner yet. There is still plenty to enjoy this summer.
We have so much to do this month. We have lots more to mark off on our Summer Bucket List, play dates, swimming, birthday parties, enjoying our new swing set, plus a family vacation.

Lets see how we did in June with my monthly to do list
Book Club Book 
1 Personal Development book
1 Fun Book
1 Mommy Book

House To Do-
Go through Ella's school paper work
Finish Garden
Organize clothes in basement
Plan Austin's birhtday
Start Ella's Chores Chart

Family Date Night
Kids Play Date
Mother/daughter date
Brian/ I Date
Ella/ Mommy / Daddy Date
Girls Night

No onto July's To d List

Girls Book Club
Badass Book
PD Book
SS Book Club

Finish 21 Day Fix
Start Shift Shot

To Do-
Finish Clothes in Basement
Organize Office
Go Through Ella's clothes
Make Vacation Packing List
Build Swing Set


Am I the only one that does monthly to do lists? I also have daily to do lists, plus cleaning list, and one day maybe to do lists. I really am a list person. I had a friend who picked on me for having my main grocery list and my we need soon grocery list. 

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