Road Trip Essentails

We are leaving in a little bit for our first road trip as a family of 4 with a brand new 2 year old facing forward and a "I'm bored" 5 year old. The longest car ride we have ever taken was 2 hours. This time it is 4 hours, taking a break for a few hours then another 3.5 hours to our destination. Wish us luck. When Aubriella was 3 we went on road trip that was supposed to be 9 hours and ended up taking us 12. I so hope that isn't the case this time.

I have been up for a couple of hours finishing everything and getting my workout done. I know personally being suck in a car for so long I am going to be antsy and I will not get my workout done later.

Everything is all packed, and in place for easy reaching. We have neck pillows, blankets, toys, snacks, water, kindles, and so much more. I need a bigger vehicle for road trips. Or learn to condense.

What are your road trip essentials? Here are a few of ours:

I am a snacker when on the road. If I don't have something to snack on I either sleep, or stop for fast food that I don't need. I love grab and go snacks. Lara Bars and RX bars are my go to and I always have them handy. (I honestly have some hidden in the arm rest of my car at all times) Before you even think it, No I will not be eating these all in one day, this is my supply for the whole trip.

My other go to snack that I like to make are my Shakeo Balls. Not only do they keep my fuller longer, are filled with super foods, but they also give me that little energy boost to keep going. This time I made chocolate (my favorite) and vanilla. Want to try them? HERE is the recipe. 

Since we are leaving so early in the morning, the kids will be asleep (hopefully), there will be no breakfast before we leave. I made these cute little mini banana chocolate chip banana muffins. They can pop a few in there mouths and be content for a little bit before we stop for breakfast and coffee. With them being mini the hope is less of a mess. 

As well as food I have a cooler filled with water. It is always so expensive to buy a bottle of water anywhere so I am prepared. Yes I also know the more you drink the more you pee. Whenever we drive anywhere Brian has to pee every hour anyways. We also will need to let the kids run around a little bit. Plus it is an excuse to buy and use my Mickey Mouse cooler. 

A few years ago we invested in a portable DVD player. This will honestly only be our 3rd time using it, but well worth the investment. Hopefully the kids enjoy watching there movies in the car, and we can use it in the hotel also.  I have packed some of their favorite movies including Trolls, Sing, Beauty and the Beast, and Mickey Mouse Club House. 

I saw these the other day at the Disney store on clearance. They are activity pads that come with markers and have a hard back. Ella will love them and Austin loves anything Mickey. I like that they have a hard back so they have a surface to color on. 

Coloring books, markers, and crayons are always a cheap, simple activity. Who doesn't love coloring? The Disney coloring books have a hard back also, plus they flip at the top instead of the side for easy coloring.

Something new and exciting always catches kids eyes. I bought these two books from Usborne. Ella loves Look and Find books, this will give her lots of fun. Austin, I got a fun slider book. Usborne has so many different options of books. Check them out here.

The kids will both have their kindles. To make things smoother I deleted any app that need wifi (we are not spoiled to have a wifi car) and downloaded a few new ones that don't require wifi. 

I am hoping by being prepared our road trip goes smoothly. Not to many tears or screaming, just lots of singing, laughing and smiling. 

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