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I can't believe it is the last Wednesday of the month already. July flew by with so much fun and exciting things happening. Before you know it the kids will be back in school. This summer was has been far to quick. We still have a few more weeks to knock some more things off our bucket list.

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What we are eating this week?
We are on vacation with no real meals planned. Our hotel has Continental breakfast, we are having sandwiches most days for lunch, and finding somewhere to eat local for dinner. I also have my daily shakes. I brought a blender and single serving packs with me. We however are very much against my norm of being prepared with everything that I will be eating each day.

What I am reminiscing about?
We are up in Mackinaw City and Island for our vacation. The last time I was here I was in a wheelchair when I had my back broken at the age of 14. I dealt with a lot of physical setbacks due to the incident. I also try to "forget" a lot of what happened during that time. While we are on vacation I am trying to remember little things from the last time we were here. Plus being thankful that I am physically able to be here, enjoying life, walking, and sharing it with my wonderful family.

What I am loving?

Got a fresh new haircut and style. Noting to wild. It feels so much healthier. Maybe I will wear it down and straightened more now. 

What we have been up to?
July has been a busy fun month. We started off with lots of 4th of July fun. Read more about it HERE

Austin turned 2. We had a big family birthday party at our house for him. Read more about it HERE

There has also been lots of outside fun playing with the new swing set. Check it out HERE

What I am dreading?
I have to admit I am dreading and excited for Ella to start Kindergarten. It is a whole new world of excitement, learning, and her growing up. There will also be more of a schedule in our lives with bedtimes and dinner time. But I am not ready for that reality that I have a Kindergartner. 

What am I working on?

Brian and I are co-hosting an online health and fitness accountability group together starting next Monday with a new workout program called Shift Shop. We are going to helping, supporting and encouraging men and women on their health and fitness journey, while we do the same thing. Want more info. Check this out

What I am watching?

I have to admit I have a Christmas obsession. I have dvr'd and watched most of the Hallmark Channel Christmas in July movies. I am far from ready for Christmas, and decorations are not to be up until after Thanksgivings, but it is fun in July.

What am I reading?
Check back tomorrow I talk about my the books I have been reading this month with Carpool Book Club. 

What I am listening to?

I have been and forever will be a Linkin Park fan. They were my first concert and I saw them 5x. Their must helped me in the worst times in my life. When I heard about Chester Bennington death it was like a part of my childhood was brought back with good memories and sorrow. He will be remembered and loved by millions

What I am doing this weekend?
We are still on vacation. We are getting together with family, spending the day at a water park and coming home to get back to a routine.

What I am looking forward to next month?

Summer is coming to an end. We have a lot on our bucket list still to do. Find out about our summer bucket list HERE.

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