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Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone had an awesome week and is having a great day. We have had a somewhat low key day. Being lazy, ran to the store real quick, and lots of cuddles. I know the next couple of days are going to be crazy and stressful, and next week is the last official week of summer vacation for us. 

Today I a linking up with  ErikaNarci, and Andrea for some Friday Favorites randomness from the past week. 

We are knocking more items off Ella's summer bucket list. One of the items was paint a bird house. Well we modified and used markers on one we bought from Pat Catans. She enjoyed doing it. To bad she put it outside and I forgot about it, it rained and got ruined.

This showed up on my top hop from two years ago. This angry face Austin had for his 1 month photos is just so cute. 

The kids finally got to play in the sprinkler that Austin got for his birthday. Ella loved it, Austin wasn't 100% sure about it. The sprinkler sprays different heights in ever different directions. 

Ella requested to walk to the school she will be going to this year (hopefully). It is about a 15 minute walk, we live to close for buses. Then we walked around our neighborhood some. 

This is what happens when I start to workout and put my phone on the ground to take pictures and videos. 

Austin also stole my workout mat. He mowed it with his lawnmower, drove a front loader truck over it, and set up his bat cave cars on it. I ended up grabbing another mat and letting him have mine. 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. 

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