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Happy Friday. I can't believe I am saying this, but summer is officially over. Ella goes to her dads tonight and starts school on Monday. It is going to be a rushed Monday morning and a big reality for all of us. But we are ready for new adventures. 

Today I a linking up with  ErikaNarci, and Andrea for some Friday Favorite from North Olmsted's Homecoming Festival that we went to last night. 

This year marks the 72nd anniversary for North Olmsted having this festival, and our first time ever going. This is the year we really get involved in our community especially since Aubriella is starting school, plus I have time to do things with being a stay at home mom. 

I have to say it is August aka summer and yesterday's high was only 70. It rained on and off all day. We had to pull out our jeans and boots (Austin needs a pair of boots this year) already. It is still supposed to be summer weather, not fall already.
We are working on letting Austin "run" free and not be in the stroller all the time little by little. Yesterday he did very well. He wasn't a fan of standing in some lines but overall did great. 

At the festival there are food trucks, a band playing, a beer tent, fair food and drinks, vendors, community booths, games, rides, .... We walked around all the different booths. Brian and Ella played a few of the community booth games. One was shooting a hockey puck into a hole and you got an ice cream sandwich. (you didn't have to make it in the hole to win). Ella was nice and shared with her brother, even without us asking her to. 

Last nights theme was back to school community reception. In a big tent all the schools had their PTA's set up with run little activities for the kids and you can sign up to be a PTA member, which we did. There was also pictures of what the new high school and middle school is going to look like once it is finished being built. Here Ella is getting a Emoji tattoo.

Ella's favorite part of the whole night was getting her face painted with Ariel. This was put on by the high school's art students. 

I have to admit I hate rides at fairs and festivals. I normally tell Ella no. Last night Brian agreed she could ride some rides. But then it started to rain so she was only able to pick 1 to ride. She choose the monkey barrel ride, which is a spinny ride. She loved it, Brian not so much. She was happy even though she would have loved to ride more.

Austin and I stood and waited for Brian and Aubriella to ride the ride. The ride had a top so they didn't get wet. Us on the other hand got wet. I put Austin under my shirt as much as he let me. A lady even offered a coat to put over his head, but his stubborn butt wanted nothing to do with it. We had checked the weather before we left and it didn't even show a chance of rain. Mr. Weatherman was wrong. The rain ended up cutting our night short, but we had fun. 

I just have to share my little princess is a flag football cheerleader for the school district her father lives in. Our school district doesn't have cheerleading for her age. She may not be a fan of going to practice and doesn't want to practice at home, but she loves wearing her outfit. 

Have a wonderful weekend. !!!!

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