Weekend Wrap Up with Date Night

Good Morning. Happy Monday. I had a busy and a productive weekend. I got caught up on some things around the house, and some training videos I needed to watch for Girl Scouts, (but still a lot more to watch.) Now time to get back into my routine for the week. Its going to be another busy Monday with picking up Ella from her dads, home to get ready for school, breakfast, walk to school, mom and Austin time with lots cuddles, playing, chores and to-do's, walk to get up Ella from school, home to make dinner, off to cheerleading, home for bath and bed time, and then I finally get to relax. I have a love - hate relationship with Monday's. (How many more weeks do we have left of cheerleading?) 

Time for a little weekend wrap- up:

Friday was Ella's picture day. I had bought her the cutest dress with long sleeves and cut out shoulders. Then it turned out to be in the upper 80's and there was no way I was sending her to school, that doesn't have air conditioning with long sleeves on. She picked out this dress instead. 

Friday was the first day of Fall means time to make Pumpkin Cookies. Who am i kidding. I started everything pumpkin on September 1st and could eat and drink pumpkin all year round. 

Friday was also flex Friday in my virtual fit club. I am starting to see more definition again.

Brian had won tickets to a Clam Bake at the 100th Bomber Group restaurant in Cleveland. We were able to find a babysitter at the last minute and decided to go. We had talked about trying out a clam bake for a while, but never ended up going. I have to be honest and say we were not impressed. Our service sucked, the food was ehh, my sweet potato was under cooked, and Brian's steak was over cooked. We still enjoyed ourselves and want to try out the actually real restaurant side, and will never do the clam bake again. 

We ended out night with a fire at Brian's parents house. 

What else would we be doing Saturday morning, besides cheerleading game. It was a hot game. Sitting in the sun and at 10 am it was already 82 degrees. The girls weren't very energetic with the heat so they ended early.

Every quarter my company holds local Super Saturday events, where you hear inspiring stores, tips for being productive and working the business, and find out the latest news and product releases. I use to be apart of the local market council but split ways for personal reasons. On being able to commit to events on Saturday mornings. Being at my daughters cheerleading games is more important to me. 
This past Saturday was our quarterly event. One council has made a virtual event for those who can't physically attend an event, but still get all the details, and information. I loved that I was able to hop on live and watch. I can't wait for a new program being released Oct 3rd and another one in January. 

Saturday night Brian had planned a date night. We ended up going to Lakewood and having amazing tacos from Barrio. 

We ended our night at Crocker Park having martini's are Bar Louie. I have a Smores martini. 

Sunday's I plan as my rest day. That means cleaning out my fridge, making a grocery list, making my weekly menu, going grocery shopping, and doing some food prepping. I love having a stocked, organized fridge. It makes eating healthy easier when I have grab and go quick healthy snacks available. 

On I don't normally work out, and if i do it is usually yoga. This week though I skipped Saturday. I wasn't feeling good, took a nap, had to much on my schedule and it didn't get done. Instead of stressing it, I used Saturday as my rest day and Sunday did my skipped workout. All that matters is I got done. 

Hope you had a fun filled fabulous weekend. 

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