Happy Birthday Aubriella

Everyone always says "They grow up so fast, enjoy them while they are young. She will be a teenager in a blink of an eye." I even say it myself. Today is the harsh reality my little princess is growing up. Six years ago today my stubborn little girl made her first appearance in the world, with a medication push, and a very long 22 hour labor. 

Happy Birthday Aubriella Jean!!!

She use to be so cute and little. I have learned so much from her over the years. Being a mom isn't easy.

Happy 1st Birthday, you learned that "Everything is better with chocolate". (Her first birthday party was Minnie Mouse themed held at Dunkin Donuts with just my Dunkin family and a few friends.) 

Happy 2nd birthday, Ella expressed her love for zebra's, which she is still obsessed with. 

Happy 3rd Birthday. Her party was Mermaid themed. 

Happy 4th Birthday. We moved out of my parents house and into a new house with Brian. She got her own room, her own space, started preschool, and gained a little brother all in less than 6 months. She grew up so much in this year alone. Birthday party was "Make it blue, Make it Pink Sleeping Beauty" themed. 

Happy 5th Birthday. Instead of a birthday party last year she got a trip to Disney World. 

Aubriella came home this morning from her dads to the floor in her room being filled with balloons. (yes those are still leftover zebra balloons from her 3rd birthday)

Her presents were waiting for her on the coffee table. 

Plus streamers hanging on her door. 

Aubriella opened a new Monster High doll that was Jackalaura with hair accessories and Rapunzel play doh and she was so excited. She ran and gave Brian a hug and kiss. 

Ella had small cupcakes with vampire teeth for every kid, and her teacher to pass out today for snack. Can you see her excitement. 

As you can see our birthday morning traditions are pretty much the same. Balloons, streamers, and Dunkin Donuts. This year Ella also got her presents before school (it is going to be a crazy day with Cheerleading and her dad gets her). She got to pick out what she wanted for dinner - MCDonalds kids meal with Chicken Nuggets (a treat).
This year is her first friends birthday party. She invited all the kids in her class and her kids in our family. It is this weekend. Hopefully it turns out to be a blast. 

What are your family traditions for your kids birthdays?

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