Cuddles and Christmas

For the past week (at least) our house has been fighting colds and sinuses. I'm already over this sickness. 

Yesterday morning I had Ella at the Express Clinic with an ear infection before school. Then I came home and took Austin to the doctors. He was at the Express Clinic on Sunday and we were told if he still had a fever on Tuesday to take him to see his Dr. 

Unfortunately his doctor and the other doctors in his office didn't have any appointments available yesterday. We could have waited until today or take him to a different office. We chose to take him to a different office, that actually was closer to our house. This office was so adorable. Throughout the waiting room (which had a well and sick area) and hallways there were cute little mouse decals on the bottoms of the walls. There were some playing, eating, and hiding. I love the office just for the little mice.

It turned out that Austin still just has a cold. It is just taking longer for him to kick it. Yesterday he slept most of the day.

Today he is no longer running a fever (fingers crossed) but he is very cuddly. We are spending our day on the couch cudding and watching Tigger and Pooh. I can only take so much of Pooh so I am also reading and hopefully there will be some Hallmark Christmas movies today too.

Speaking of Christmas. Stephanie from Wife Mommy and Me is hosting another fun Christmas Photo Challenge. I haven't decided if I am going to post everyday on Instagram for the photo Challenge, but I will be catching up with the photo challenge over here on my blog. Want to join in? Shave the pictures above and use the #2017ChristmasMoments 

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