Holiday Planning

Happy Wednesday. I was a little M.I.A yesterday. Aubriella had off school with it being Voting Day and some of our schools still are voting locations (I think). It made for a busy day of Aubriella having a doctors appointment, treated the kids to lunch, lots of playing, and our Girl Scout meeting in the evening. When the kids have a day off during the week it seems like a lot more work to keep them entertained. There was a lot of "I'm bored Mom" even though we were playing games, coloring, building train sets, etc .... Am I the only one that struggles with this?

I am linking up with Shay and Erika for Workin' It Wednesday. The second Wednesday of every month they link up with how we are "workin it" in different areas of our lives. This months topic is Planning for the Holidays.

One of my favorite things about the holidays are making memories, the traditions my family has, seeing friends and family, and lots of activities. I try to do this as stress free as possible. I plan, make lists, and write everything out. If you know me I am a calendar girl. There is a monthly dry erase board calendar in the kitchen, my Happy planner has everything in it always close by, and our google calendars on our phones. Brian says I'm a little much at times, but try to be organized.

I try my hardest (which isn't always possible) to include Aubriella in everything we do. She has 4 families she sees for the holidays. (Mine, Brian's, her dad's, and her step moms) She is with her dad's side every other weekend and a couple nights a week. This is where I have to schedule and be organized so when we plan big or important activities, like putting up the tree, pictures with Santa, the books we read on each day for 25 Books of Christmas, what Gus Gus (our elf on the self) does which day, etc that she is included. 

I maybe lame but I try to save money and reuse a lot from previous years. Such as I don't go out and buy all new books for the 25 Books of Christmas. I do trade out a few with new age appropriate books. We also use the same plates, cups, etc for our North Pole Breakfast when our Elf on the Shelf, Gus Gus arrives. As a family we have matching Disney Christmas pj's that I bought a few years ago that we keep wearing. Aurbriella's I bought a size or two bigger and she hasn't really grown much. Austin I do have to buy a new pair this year and I will buy a size bigger so he will hopefully fit in it again next year. 

Speaking of lists. I have a bunch of on-going lists that I keep in my Happy planner calendar. I bought special "Notes" paper that I could add to my calendar. It keeps everything in one place and I am not searching all over the house or digging through my Mary Poppins purse to find all my lists. This works out great now that my kids can't read and don't know that the lists are in there with what I bought or have told people to buy them for Christmas. This will have to change once they get older. 
Here are my current lists I have:
- Aubriella Wish list
- Aubriella Bought
- Austin Wish List
- Austin Bought
- Stocking Ella
- Stocking Austin
- Aubriella Who Bought What
- Austin Who Bought What
- Xmas List Others
- What I Have Bought For Others
- Holiday Random Buys
- Holiday To Do
- Elf Buy
- Winter Bucket List
- Christmas Bucket List 

This year I am going to try to have a majority if not all my Christmas shopping done by December 1st. This way I can get some great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals (no I will not be going out shopping on Black Friday). I want to try and do most of my shopping online and avoid the crowds. I live by a local shopping mall, literally 2 minute drive away, and the traffic is already getting stupid. I want to enjoy my Holidays and not be stressed. 

This is what is working for me currently and what I am hoping to accomplish. Hopefully this will help you to have a successful, stress free Holiday. 

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  1. I LOVE this! I need to be more organized during the holidays. I'm always behind on getting toys for my hubs and children and it seems to fly by!

  2. I can't imagine that Christmas will be next month!! I need to put our Christmas tree and decors as well.


  3. Yes being organized ahead of time for the holidays always makes for a smoother and not enjoyable holiday! I am a notorious list maker too by the way!!

  4. Love the planner and your so organized. I am that mom that's running around last minute for gifts😂 will definitely take your cue and plan and organize ahead

  5. I'm waiting for black friday deals too! Thanks for the tips!


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