Kids Holiday Wish List

I can't believe Thanksgiving is two days away. Then the craziness of holiday shopping really starts. I am not one to go out on Black Friday and try and get any deals. You also will NEVER see me out on Thanksgiving doing Christmas shopping. I hate that stores are open and it takes away from time with your family. I am big about spending time with family, even if we do house hop, and just relaxing. 
Speaking of Holiday shopping, I have most (not all) of my shopping done for my kids. I want to try and get some more done online on Wednesday night and Thursday morning to get some awesome deals. My kids started their Wish List back in September, partially because Aubriella's birthday is Oct 2nd. We walk up and down the toy aisles and take pictures of items they want (makes it so much easier to show MeMaw what it looks like) and circle items in the toy catalogs.

If I were to list everything Ella said she wants for Christmas we would be here all day. Here are her Top 5 Holiday Wish List for a 6 year old girl:

LOL's are the hot toy right now. The fizz factory you make your own little fizz ball that has a hidden toy in it. (These are not to be used in a bath tub)

Easy Bake Oven

Ella loves to bake and help in the kitchen. An easy bake oven is ages 8 and up but she wants to do it with our help.

Descendants 2

Aubriella is obsessed with the Descendants 2 movie. We have it on the DVR but that means she can only watch it in the living room. Having the DVD she would be able to watch it in her room also and I could free up space on the DVR.

Barbie Dolphin Magic Snorkel Doll

You can't go wrong with any Barbie. It brings hours of fun.


Lego's is another toy that you can't go wrong with that brings hours of fun and creativity. 

Now onto Austin. A 2 year old little boy can be so easy. He loves cars, trucks, trains, garbage trucks... but at the same time he only needs so many trucks to play with. 

Talking Garbage Truck

This was announced a few months ago as one of the hot toys of the year. We bought it early since we know his love of Garbage Trucks.

Duplo Airplane

What boy doesn't love to build stuff. I love the Duplo blocks that are bigger than legos but lots of fun. 

Cars 3

I am hoping he will eventually like to start watching movies with cars in it. He points at them and says cars. 

Thomas the Train Super Station

Trains are his second favorite thing (behind garbage trucks). 

Hot Wheels

What little boy wouldn't love to get a bunch of hot wheels. 

What is on your kids Holiday wish list this year?

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