Weekend Wrap-up

It's Monday. Time to get back to reality and back to a schedule after a long holiday weekend. It was a rough weekend with sickness being passed around our house (and is still lingering.) There was lots of cuddling, watching Christmas movies and Tigger and Pooh, naps for everyone and just laziness going on. Aubriella was with her dad for the holiday so our home also felt half empty, I'm glad to have her back with us and can start decorating for Christmas. 

Mommy's Prince Charming fell asleep for his nap on Friday holding his hands and leaning on me. It was so adorable. 

Saturday I had to get up and do something besides cuddle and watch movies all day. During half time Austin was napping, Brian was at his parents house watching the OSU game. I decided to turn on Christmas movies and bake cookies.

These may look like poop, but they are delicious but they are Double Chocolate Ande's cookies. 
Sunday I became productive and folded all the laundry I had been washing since Friday. I am getting back into making real food for dinner (not everything processed). I made my weekly menu, grocery list, and went grocery shopping. 

I came home from shopping, washed all my fruits and veggies, and meal prepped. I feel like I am getting into a routine that works for us. Now to get back to a good healthy sleep schedule.

Sunday night I also started cleaning and organizing Ella's room since she was at her fathers. I took out 2 garbage bags of broken toys, empty boxes that she likes to hold onto, used coloring pages, .... It was a start. I want to get rid of her bookshelf w/ toy box. It really is just a junk box with no organization. I may want another book shelf or some sort of storage for her arts and crafts, coloring, "homework". Anyone have any suggestions?

I also feel like her walls are so bare. She has some decorations above her bed, a couple of shelves with books and hats (you cant see this one). There is a cork board, and a chalk board. I want something to make her room more personalized, still girly, and Princess, Mermaid, Mickey and Minnie. Any ideas?

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