Christmas Celebrations

It's hard to believe that after all the craziness of making lists, shopping, baking, cooking, wrapping, more shopping... Christmas is over. We had a fun three days of Christmas Celebrations. Now we get to enjoy all our gifts and clean everything up. But first lets take a look back at the last few days.

Saturday Brian had to do all the wrapping. He enjoys it, and I do not. (I did wrap his presents). He wrapped while enjoying beer in his new frosted beer stein he got for his birthday and listening to Christmas music while Austin and I slept. 

Brian was up past 2am wrapping presents and decided to take a nap before all the Christmas Eve fun festivities. Austin was so adorable and loving on him. He laid there and hugged him for a good 20 minutes. 

My wish came true and we got a White Christmas this year, and then some more. 

Christmas Eve started at my parents house for our traditional lasagna dinner that we have had since I can remember. After dinner we went to Brian's nieces house to see his dad's side of the family. We do a fun white elephant and ornament exchange. It is always a lot of fun with great laughs. This year was eventful with four dogs running around (Brian is highly allergic), Austin getting bitten by one of the dogs (luckily it didn't break skin and he is fine) and a blizzard of snow when we went that night. 

Christmas morning we slept in, we were lazy, and had lots of cuddles. We made special arrangements for Santa to come on the 26th when I would have Ella. I got Ella back to noon so we just watched movies and played until then.

Our first stop was my cousins for our extended family Christmas. 

We stayed for the kids to open presents, eat dinner, and then we were off to our next stop. 

Stop #2 was to Brian's parents house for Christmas with his immediate family. We were all extremely spoiled and so grateful for everything we got. Austin is over-loaded and over-joyed with all his trucks.

Lastly on Christmas Day we stayed at Brian's parents house but his mom's side of the family came over and we did another white elephant gift exchange. Then we headed home to prepare for Santa's arrival.

As an early Christmas present Brian got us a new tree skirt, the Mickey and Minnie Mouse sledding from the Disney Store I had been eyeballing. 

Cookies and milk were put out for Santa.

I heard something in the living room and went to go check. I saw Santa sneaking out the front door. (we don't have a fireplace) 

Our Christmas morning was lots of fun. Austin loves all his trucks and duplo legos. 

Ella got a Trolls Microphone with amp from Santa. It has already been taken away once for her using it to call me from the other room instead of getting up to tell me what she needed. 

Yesterday afternoon my immediate family came over for the last of our Christmas celebrating. We had a delicious steak dinner then opened presents. Here is my mom and Ella being goofy. We were again spoiled and so thankful for everything we got. More than we could have ever expected. 

We ended the night cuddling watching one of Ella's new movies and falling asleep in her bed. (Brian and Austin were in the living room watching something else).

Today is back to reality. Which really has meant we have spent most of the day playing with our new toys. Reality will happen after the new year when Ella is back in school.

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