Show and Tell Tuesday- Christmas Decor

Happy Tuesday. I am so excited for today. It is Show and Tell Tuesday with Andrea from Momfessionals and we are sharing our Christmas Decor.

I have to admit. I am snoopy and love seeing inside other families homes and seeing their  decor especially Christmas decorations. I get so many great ideas but then realize I have 2 kids, one who is a professional un-decorator. I would love to have a themed house and tree (like everything red and silver) but we have so many memories in our ornaments and decorations I would have to start fresh. I never see that happening realistically, well maybe one day when I have a huge house and have more than one tree and no little kids running around. 

Welcome To Our Home

One thing I wish our house had was a "welcoming" front door. I normally do have a wreath on our door, but I haven't gotten around to making a Christmas one yet this year and I can't find the one I had last year. 

The main focal point is our tree. It sits in the middle of our front window. Brian liked it there. There are a wide array of ornaments from Disney, to Frogs, to Coke Cola, to Dunkin Donuts collection, to ones we had from when Brian and I were little. I love all the memories that are on our tree. (Which by the way is a fake tree I am allergic) 

To say I have a Disney Obsession is an understatement. I love our tree topper that we got from the Disney Store the first Christmas we were in our house. 

We still have the tree skirt that Brian had before we got together. I keep trying to talk him into buying a Mickey and Minnie Tree skirt. It would go with out tree.

My mom surprised me with this plate last year from Austin.

My mom also made this one two years ago with Ella. Austin wouldn't cooperate at only a few months old at that time.I love seeing how they grow

We received this wreath as a gift and I love it. Brian decided he likes it around our clock but the hook is a little short and I wont let him put another hole in the wall to move the clock (then you would have to move the pictures too)

The stockings were hung on the door with care. I wish we had a fireplace or mantel. I let Ella pick out our stockings each year. We have a collection of about 15 to choose from. I would love to get personalized ones with our names. Brian doesn't like just the letters since it would be A A A B. (Aubriella, Austin, Adrienne, Brian)

I love having flowers on our table. This year I put our poinsettia in a snowman candy jar. He looks cute. 

Hope you enjoyed the little tour of my holiday decorations. There is so much more I would love to do around my house. We will see what I decide to do. 

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