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Happy Friday. The weekend is finally here. It has been a fun crazy week and I am ready for a somewhat relaxing weekend at home taking down Christmas decorations (I know I am probably the last person in the world to still have my tree up), start working on my basement ( I hope), and planning next week. Some weekends are really my time to catch-up, do big projects, and prepare for the week ahead. Especially this weekend since we are in a Severe Winter Weather Warning with rain, ice, snow, and below freezing wind chills again. It is just a normal northern Ohio Winter.

I am linking up with these three lovely ladies, ErikaNarci, and Andrea for Friday Favorites.


Some days they are cute, loving, and get long. Other days they are literally ripping each others hair out. (One is ripping the other one is crying)


For Christmas I got an Air Fryer. OMG am I in love. The kids loved the fries and these are the best brussel sprouts ever.


The joy he gets over seeing the garbage trucks every week. He was in heaven when he saw two at the same time.


Gymnastics started last week. Ella is really enjoying it this year. Yesterday's favorite was flipping over the bar.


I haven't watched the Bachelor since probably season 2 or 3. My girlfriend was talking about it and I decided to start watching it this season. Oh the drama. I like Kystal and Becca K. Bibino and Becka drive me nuts, but make good television. 


My girlfriends and I have scheduled to go see the new 50 Shades Freed at the end of February. For our book club this month we are re-reading the book to recall what happens in greater detail. 

Hope your 2018 is off to a great start!  Have a great Weekend! 

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