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Happy Friday. The weekend is finally here. It has been a crazy week. Ella only had school 3 days this week. I have had issues with my blog platform and my phone. Austin is fighting something, he goes back and forth of running a low grade fever. Today we are also having a weird January heat up in Northern Ohio again of 53 degrees. I wish it would just stay warm, I'm so over winter.

I am linking up with these three lovely ladies, ErikaNarci, and Andrea for some of my favorites from this past week for Friday Favorites. 

Friday night Brian and I have a planned date night. He had his awards banquet for Auxiliary Police. Afterwards we planned on going to the bar with some of his buddies. My sister came to our house and watched the kids and we enjoyed ourselves. 

Saturday morning started with Aubriella having a dentist appointment. She needs some intensive work and has to see a specialist. 

After being at the dentist for an hour and a half (and all they did was look at her teeth it was a lot of waiting) I treated her to McDonald's. 

Ella is keeping brother amused while we were at Lowes getting some new lights for the basement. 

I am loving their ages right now. (6 and 2 and a half) They play, most of the time share, and make lots of memories. 

Got my workout done on Monday with some little helpers. They used my extra bands and 2 and 3 pound weights.

Little Mr. Trouble and his love of fish. Now only if he would stay out of the fish tank. I wish he would also windex the glass when he was done too. There was lots of fish kissing going on.

These two, so much love for each other. They were being cute and loving for a good 10 minutes before bed. Then he wanted to go to bed with her, but I knew that wasn't going to happen.

Austin loves "woof woof". Now only if Brian wasn't highly allergic. 

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