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Hello 2018. I love the fresh start of a new year. Especially when the year starts off on a Monday. This past holiday season was exciting, fun and long. We completed most of our Christmas Bucket List, spent lots of time with family, we have had a lot of snow and really cold temperatures so we can't play in it, and ate way too many cookies and junk.

This first week of the year we are working on recharging, starting a new schedule, cleaning, organizing, and planning. (this really means getting rid of all the junk food left in my house) I am getting recharged and ready to embrace 2018. I took a little time off from blogging in the end of December and I didn't stress it. I have taken an unplanned step back from working out (more on that later). I also have been pretty lazy this holiday season and watched a lot of Hallmark movies. Time to get my butt motivated and start doing stuff again.

2017 had a lot of changes. Good and bad and a roller coaster of a ride. I took a lot on my plate, Brian had more added to his plate, and our family had more needs.
- I left the travel agency I was working with. We were not a good fit with goals, quotas, and support.
- I left my full time job to be a stay at home mom in April. I wouldn't change that at all. This was the best decision we made as a family, for our family. 
- Ella started Kindergarten. With that I became a Daisy Girl Leader, and an active member of the PTA. Ella also did cheerleading in the fall for a different school district so we had to drive an hour round trip 2-3 times a week for practice and games. 
- In October I stopped being a Beachbody coach and helping, inspiring, and motivating others and myself on a health and fitness journey. At the time I did what I believed was best for myself and our family. However by doing so I stopped working out, putting my own health and fitness as a priority. I didn't realize at the time how much I needed that accountability and support in my life. 

Every year we set goals for ourselves. How often do we really achieve all, most, or any of our goals? Last year I had very unrealistic unattainable goals, since I put way too much on my plate. I made categories and listed way too many things I wanted to achieve or do. Looking back I didn't complete 3/4 of them. My goals and priorities changed as the year went on. I honestly forgot what I had written down. I wanted to do so much all at the same time, but there wasn't enough time, motivation, or priority.

This year I want to be the YEAR OF ME!!! I want to live a more intentional and guiltless life.I need/want to focus on myself again. When I was working out daily and eating less processed, wholesome food I had so much more energy and wasn't as sick as often, or for as long and I didn't have my back pain flair-ups. I don't want to do it to get attention from anyone. I need to do it for myself because I care about how I look and feel. I want to create a lifestyle that works for me and my family that includes a healthy balance of fit, fun, and freedom. 
By doing this for me, my family especially my kids will benefit by having the happy, healthy, active, present mom back again.

What are your goals for 2018? I'd love for you to share them with in the comment section below.
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