Progress In A Week- Week 2

Another week is in the books. I notice I am getting stronger everyday and pushing myself harder. This week I switched it up with my workout timing. Instead of getting up at 5am and working out at 6am, I have been sleeping in and working out some days at like 930-10am after I have taken Ella to school. Other days have been a little rough and I haven't gotten my workout in until after 8pm. I am enjoying the mid-morning workouts and having the extra help and motivation from my kids but I am messing on my nutrition and not getting the right amount of food in everyday. Next week I am going back to my 5am workouts. It is an adjustment to waking up at 5am again, but so worth it. I feel accomplished that by 7am I have achieved my workout, devotional, personal development and usually at least 25 oz of water all before the kids wake up. 

Lets take a look back at this past week.

Monday (1-22-18)

Monday was the first day of working out during the day with both kids home. I decided to workout in the living room, grabbed extra weights and bands for the kids to join in also. The 60 minute workout took 90 minutes with pauses but well worth it with extra help.

Tuesday (1-23-18)

Tuesday I kicked it up a notch. I want to see results and not skimp out. The whole workout I used the blue band and pushed a little harder. Ella was home from school but decided she didn't want to workout with me (even thought she asked the night before if she could) Dinner I modified from original plan. We had chicken tacos with beans planned. I got lazy and didn't want to make the beans so I exchanged it for one tortilla.

Wednesday (1-24-18)

Wednesday started off great. Workout area was set up, pre-workout was kicking it. I go to log onto my BOD on my Amazon Firestick and it wouldn't load. I tried on my laptop, it wouldn't work. I ended up restarting my laptop and it finally worked.

Thursday (1-25-18)

I was able to get my workout done during nap time. Austin was cranky and cuddly. 

Friday (1-26-18)

Workout done a lot later than expected. Austin was moody again and didn't take a nap until it was time for me to get Ella from school. Done late is better than not done at all.

Saturday (1-27-18)

Cardio day done. No excuses today, got it done an hour after breakfast while Austin overtook my area little by little with toys. 

Sunday (1-28-18)

Today is rest day. Later today I will be doing a foam roller stretch to help my sore muscles and some self care. 

Last weeks dinner in pictures
Monday- Ground Turkey with Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

Wednesday- Perfect Chicken with tomatoes and Air Fried Brussel Sprouts

 Thursday- Black Bean Pasta with a little red sauce, cucumbers, and chicken.

Friday- pizza (not plan approved)

Saturday- meatloaf (not 100% planned approved) with 1/2 sweet potato and a salad with Dijon dressing

Week 3 Dinner Plans
Monday- Cobb Salad
Tuesday- Ground Turkey Taco's w/ corn tortillas side of cucumber
Wednesday- leftover soup
Thursday- turkey sausage, brussel spouts, and sweet potato
Friday- Ella reward Pizza and salad
Saturday- Chicken, peppers,onion,mushroom tortilla
Sunday- wings, brussel sprouts, sweet potato fries. 

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