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Happy Monday. Hope you had a great weekend. We had a lot of family time, less social media, lots of shopping, and even more playing. But our weekend isn't over yet. Ella is off the next two days from school so we have a long 4 day weekend. There is a play date scheduled for later today. Lots more fun to come. I may lose my mind just the kids and me with Brian working crazy hours like always. I will be doing a post later this week on our long weekend recap (update Austin has a fever play date cancelled)

Last week I started a new fitness program that has "timed nutrition" as well as workouts 6 days a week. If you follow me on Instagram stories you already know it hasn't gone as planned. One day my laptop wasn't charged so I couldn't do my workout at the time I scheduled, another day I forgot to set my alarm, and yesterday we had protein pancakes planned for breakfast, but ingredients to make them. Life happens but I didn't let those (and other) obstacles stand in my way. 
The biggest adjustments for me is the timed nutrition. To explain kinda what is means, based on your current weight (and some other factors) your put in a specific bracket, each bracket tells you what types of food you can eat and when. An example before my workout I get a protein and a fruit. To explain it a little better here is a sample of one days meal plan:

5 am-  wake-up
5:15 - drink shake blended w/ half a banana and 8 oz almond milk
5:30- drink pre-workout
6:00- workout
7:00- drink recover and eat berries
8:00- 2 eggs with spinach, onion, green peppers, and mushrooms. 1 slice of whole wheat bread.
11:00- salad with chicken and homemade Dijon dressing
2:00- carrots w/ hummus
5:00-  salmon, asparagus with a rice/quinoa blend
10:30- bedtime (if I make it that long) 

It is different for me to eat so early, eat so much everyday, and not eat after dinner. This is all a good thing though. I haven't been hungry after dinner at all. There has been some struggles between lunch and dinner with being hungry. My body is adjusting to it. I know my body is currently going through a "detox stage". Before I was eating so much crap, and cookies, chocolate, garbage that wasn't fueling my body. Now my body is getting rid of all the excess sugars and crap. I have been moody (just ask Brian), tired, sluggish, my face is breaking out (I dont get regular/normal breakouts). I know it will get better. 

Monday (1-15-18)

Day 1 started off as a learning process. I realized the shoes I had weren't going to work, I was sliding to much on the tile floors, and I needed more than 15 oz of water for the workout. 

Tuesday (1-16-18)

Booty day was hard with having to stop and press pause 4x to use the bathroom. Having two kids changes your body so much

Wednesday (1-17-18)

Cardio my least favorite. Tried a shake brownie bowl for my pre-workout meal. Tasted good, but not sure it was the best choice on my stomach before cardio.

Thursday (1-18-18)

This day was a hot mess to the extreme. I woke up did everything normal. Went down stairs to press play and my laptop was dead. I fell asleep in Ella's bed the night before didn't set up my stuff and plug in my laptop and there is no plug in the basement where I work out. I didn't let that stop me. I got my workout done before bed. My nutrition wasn't on point but I modified the best I could. 

Friday (1-19-18)

Leg day. Doing the workout wasn't as bad as I expected. I even upped my bands. Later that evening and Saturday my legs and booty were on fire. Friday evening we had a banquet to go to. I went in there with the mindset I would drink only water, have a big salad (just lettuce and dressing), protein, and some carbs (no bread but had potatoes). I honestly did very well. I have planned on no dessert, but ended up having 1 chocolate covered pretzels, even though I wanted the chocolate covered oreos. 

Saturday (1-20-18)

Slept in after having a somewhat late night. Still got my workout done before running errands. Confession- Was planning on getting a salad with grilled chicken from McDonalds. Went to the worst Mcd's ever. They were out of salad, they were out of apple slices. I got a grilled chicken sandwich, ate just the meat and had a few fries. Came home and had some veggies. 

Sunday (1-21-18)

Rest day, used the foam roller and helped with tightness. 

Overall Week 1 went pretty well under the circumstances. My goal for this week is to listen to my body and push myself. I want to up my bands and weights. In the first week I lost .5 inches around my waist and a total of 3.2 lbs. My weight loss I believe is from not eating so much junk food and mindless snacking.

Week 2 Dinner Menu-

Monday - Ground Turkey Stuffed Peppers (kids also get sweet potatoes)
Tuesday- Perfect Chicken Taco Salad with Black Beans
Wednesday - Chicken Stir Fry with Cauliflower Rice and Black Beans
Thursday- Whole Wheat Pasta with Ground Turkey and Homemade tomato Sauce
Friday- Whole Wheat Pizza with fresh tomato's and chicken (kids will get regular pizza)
Saturday- Surprise for Brian but is approved (will share next week)
Sunday- Salmon, Asparagus, and Quinoa/Brown Rice Blend

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