Simple Steps For Organizing Your Fridge

The New Year is upon us which brings new goals and time to clean and organize our refrigerators. The holiday's get the best of us and there are a lot of sweets and junk that need to go. I am getting back to a healthy lifestyle and living intentional. Its time to get this fridge organized. While I am organizing it is the best time to clean it as well. 

There are so many beautiful fridges you can find while searching on Pinterst that I dream of one day having. I am not a huge fan of the fridge we have, it came with our house and isn't in the budget to get a new one. Until we get a new fridge I will manage and do the best that I can.


I hate to admit this isn't that horrible, it has been a lot worse. (Sorry I know my lighting sucks.) With 2 kids in and out of the fridge, moving stuff, leftovers that never get eaten, extra milk, ... it can really be jam packed.

Lets Get Started: 

1- Start with your doors. When they are finished it really makes you feel like you accomplish something and gives you momentum to keep going. Work top to bottom. Take everything out. Wipe down each shelf. Before you put everything back in check expiration dates, how much is left, and if you really will eat it. Try to group like foods together.
In our fridge all dressings are the bottom shelf, pickles and relish are second up, jelly and mayo, then the top is stick butter, lemon and lime juice and baking soda. On the other side we have the milk on the bottom (regular and almond), OJ and other condiments (hot sauce and ketcup), then the top shelf is the chocolate stash.

2- Start on your main section. Again go top to bottom, take everything out, check expiration dates and wipe down shelves.Have a game plan where you want to store what. 
The easiest section is the bottom drawers, most your fresh fruits and veggies will go in the drawers. We have a middle drawer that holds all our cheese and lunch meats. Our bottom shelf under the middle drawer is Aubriella's lunch section. I ended up getting a clear plastic storage box and put all her lunch snacks in there. Also on the bottom is Brian's beer, our water pitcher and any extra milk/juice/etc that won't fit on the door. 
My next shelf up is now for prepped fruits and veggies. It is at eye level, so the first thing I see when I open the fridge. The top shelf is our eggs, butter, and leftovers. I use to keep the prepped produce on the top, but would end up forgetting about them, they would get shoved to the back and at times freeze. 


This picture was taken before I actually went grocery shopping but everything has a space, you can see where everything is, and there is more organization.


I hate my freezer. I would never recommend or buy a bottom freezer with a drawer. For our family it is the hardest to keep organized. I lose food all the time, you grab one thing and it shifts everything else. I have not figured out a way to not have to dig to find something. But again I do the best that I can with what I have. 

1- Remove everything from the freezer, check to see if anything is expired. Wipe down shelf and bottom. I personally go through and write an inventory list for the meats we have on hand to prevent having to dig to see whats in our Mary Poppins freezer.

2- Plan out where everything is going to go. Below are the after pictures and I will explain how I stay somewhat organized.


This is the bottom section of our freezer. Everything pretty much is tossed in there. On the left side is all our meats and the box of cookies we bought from Aubriella's school. On the right side towards the front is all our frozen 1/2 banana's that I use for my shakes. The back section is frozen fruit, veggies. and an ice pack.

Here is the top drawer of our freezer. To the left is our ice cubes. (the freezer has an ice cube maker that isn't hooked up, I don't even know if it works). On the right is odds and ends. Frozen waffles, tator tots, French bread pizza... This is the best I have figured out to organize our freezer. If you have any tips please leave a message in the comments or email me. 

I hope these Simple Steps help you to organize your Fridge. 

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