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Happy Monday. There are some weekends that I can't wait for Monday to get here, to get back to a routine, back to normal, have a schedule, and Ella back to school. Today I wish the weekend didn't end. I really wished for a snow day, but we didn't get all the snow we were predicted. For the most part we had an awesome weekend. Only one little tiff of attitude and tears. It is the best feeling ever as a mom to watch your kids grow up, and enjoy amazing quality time as a family together. Added bonus Brian didn't have to work any this weekend either.

Friday Ella was all excited to go to school with her JOJO bow and dress that another girl in class also had. 

Do you see an Austin? He stole a bagel and is hiding so we don't see him eating it.

Friday evening we had a low key night. Ella got her reward personal pan pizza for reading everyday the month of December and we just hung out at home and played.

Saturday Ella had a fun day with her Memaw. They started off by going shopping to find her a LOL doll, but had no luck . 

Ella got to pick where she wanted to go for lunch. She decided on McDonald's with a play place. 

She had so much fun and was being so good for my mom they were there over 2 hours.

While Ella was with Memaw, we dropped Austin off with his grandma and enjoyed a much needed day date. 

Brian sponsored the Smart Home aspect of the Cleveland Home and Garden Show student model design contest. Here is him with the winning team. 

Since we already had tickets to the home and garden show we spend the better part of the day walking around looking at all the exhibits. I saw so many ideas for designs that I fell in love with, but wouldn't work with our current house. They had a special exhibit of designed mailboxes from local celebrities, like newscasters and radio hosts. My favorite was this wine inspired mailbox. 

After the Home and Garden show we went out for a late lunch. (I packed veggies to have as a snack while walking around since I knew I would need to eat while we were out) We picked a local place that we love to go to. Unfortunately they state on the menu they don't do special requests and they didn't have any real healthy options, also anything vegan was deep fried, so I do the best I could. (even their salads are loaded with cheeses, bacon, dried fruit.. that all add up) I went with a grilled chicken sandwich. I ate half of it as a sandwich, then the other half I just had the chicken. 

Saturday evening we did a little bit of shopping and got coffee and the kids donuts. Austin stole Brian's mocha iced latte. He gave a dirty look then went back for a second drink. Brian finished his latte then added water to the mocha at the bottom of the cup. Austin really liked his mocha water. (He thankfully didn't stay up any later than normal) I tried the new Blonde Flat White with almond milk, no sweetener or flavor from Starbucks. It was really good and a nice treat. 

Sunday morning Brian did dishes then made protein waffles and sausage for the kids. Plus we had french press coffee, my favorite. I love relaxing pancake Sunday's. 

After breakfast I finished our menu and grocery list for the week. Ella and I went out in the snow and got all our shopping done. We may have gotten lost a little, we were only gone for 2 hours and ended up with a new card game. I came home put all the groceries away, cleaned and prepped what was needed then sat down and relaxed with a book.

Later in the day I got to find Ella in her bathing suit in the bathroom playing with her barbie pool. At least she wasn't making a mess anywhere else with the water. 

Brian and Austin just being silly before he left to go to his brother's house to watch the first half of the Super Bowl. 

After Brian left I decided to give the kids a little ice cream to try and keep Austin awake since he hasn't taken a nap. He ate his ice cream than crawled up in his sisters lap and fell asleep. They are just so precious.

While Austin was napping Ella and I did a face mask. This was the first time we did one you had to peel. I wasn't a big fan as it was clear and hard to see where the mask was. (Ella still had some on her face this morning that I didn't realize was still there)

After Ella went to sleep I took a nice relaxing candle lit bath and read some of my new book club book. I am loving this new routine of taking a bubble bath on Sunday nights, now only if we had a bigger tub and I could find a way to get a bath every night.

Hope you had a great weekend. Did you do anything fun?

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