Progress in a Week- Week 3

Week 3 is done. This week was a little bit of a struggle. I had heard that it was possible to get some more detox side effects in the third week. It was true for me. For a few days I had a headache, sluggish, less energy. As the week progressed it all went away, I am having more energy and feeling great. 
This past week I got back on my schedule for waking up at 5am most days and it worked out great. My nutrition was a lot better because of this as well. 

Lets take a look back at the past week.

Monday 1-29-18

Getting back into my routine of waking up at 5am, drinking my shake as my pre-workout, writing my gratitude's, reading a devotional, reading some personal development, drinking my pre-workout booster and getting my workout done at 6am. I have goals and I am pushing towards them.

Tuesday 1-30-18

My normal workout place for my 6am workouts is in the basement where I don't have to risk waking anyone up. The worst part (besides it being cold when I first get down there) is the walk back up the stairs with jello legs.

Wednesday 1-31-18

I woke up Wednesday with a headache so I went back to sleep for a little bit. I planned my workout after dropping Ella off at school. Slides were needed into today's workout. Someone thought they looked like plates.

Thursday 2-1-18

AAA is officially my favorite workout. 

Friday 2-2-18

Leg day. Oh My. I have a love hate relationship with leg day. I love a good leg and butt burn. I want to push myself harder with upping my weights but have problems with both my wrists and carpel tunnel that is causing a lot of pain. 

Saturday 2-3-18

My least favorite workout done at 645 am. I slept in a little but still got everything done before we had plans for day dates. 

Sunday 2-4-18 

Today is rest and self care day. Later this evening I plan on doing a foam roller workout and a bubble bath and face mask is calling my name.

A Few of Lasts Weeks Dinners

I had planned a Cobb salad for dinner on Monday, I switched it to a Cobb wrap instead. 

Tried corn tortillas and I am in love. Plus I get to eat 2 compared to 1 flour tortilla 

Week 4 Dinner Plans:
Monday- Leftover Chili
Tuesday- Slow Cooker Chicken/beans/tomato's broccoli, brown rice
Wednesday- Leftover Chicken
Thursday- Turkey sausage, broccoli, sweet potato
Friday- Thin bagel pizza with fresh tomato
Saturday- Dinner at Brian's parents 
Sunday- Chicken with Sun dried tomato seasoning, zucchini, quinoa 

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