TBB Asks- Love Edition

It is the month of Love. Can you believe it is already February 6th. This month is going to fly by in a blink of an eye. I am joining up with The Blended Blog a day late (I was late last month too) for TBB Asks- All About Love

1- Kisses or Hugs? 
Both. I love kisses from my kids and Brian. We use bribery to get kisses from the kids. I am also a big hugger. 

2- Candy or Flowers?
I love flowers but I usually end up buying them for myself when I go grocery shopping because I always have fresh flowers on our table. If you would have asked me two months ago the answer would have been candy 100% but I am enjoying my healthier lifestyle with less processed food. 

3- Baking or Cooking?
Cooking, I suck at baking but I keep trying.

4- Do you remember your first kiss? 
Somewhat, It was in 7th grade. Kinda tried to forget it.

5- Favorite color of roses?
I am not picky, any rose is a perfect rose for me.

6- Conversation Hearts, Yes or No? 
No. I  do buy them for the kids though.

7- Do You Leave Love Notes?
Yes. I do it randomly so you least expect it. 

8- Red or Pink?
I use to love pink but now as I have gotten old I like red. (but not red cars)

9- Do You Decorate For Valentines Day?
Yes I still have to do that.

10- Milk, White, Or Dark Chocolate? 
Dark Chocolate!!! (I will not eat white chocolate)

11- Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?

12- Do You Give Humorous or Serious Valentines Day Cards?
Neither. I hate cards. I hate giving them and receiving them. They are so expensive and end up in the trash. I would rather write a personalized note.

13- Favorite Chick Flick or Romantic Movie?
A Walk to Remember, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, anything on the Hallmark Channel

14- Stay In or Go Out?
Stay in. Restaurants are too crazy busy around Valentine's Day. I hate waiting longer than a half an hour. I would rather have a delicious home cooked meal any day. 

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