Weekend Wrap Up on a Wednesday

Happy Wednesday. We had a long 4 day weekend with teacher in-service day on Friday and Presidents day on Monday. We planned some fun activities, some of which got cancelled, some of which Ella said she didn't want to do, and some that we had so much fun with. Overall it was a great weekend. 

Friday started off with Ella so excited that she didn't have to go to school. She started jumping and ended up doing a bridge. You would think she doesn't like school, but she really does. (She was so excited to go back yesterday)

We planned to go to BJ's Brewhouse for dinner and use Ella's reward from school where she got a free entree. Ella asked if we could wear our matching dresses we got for Christmas. I couldn't say no. 

I was very pleased with Austin behaving most of the time. It shows he is growing up. (now if he wouldn't only behave when we go shopping)

Ella enjoyed her dinner of Mac and Cheese (typical 6 yr old) and loves playing the placemat games.

Saturday I was invited to a Baby Shower for Brian's best friend from childhood. Instead of cards they asked for kids books. We gave them one of our families favorites, Green Eggs and Ham. Brian helped Austin sign his name on the inside cover of the book.

The theme for the baby shower was books. There were kids books everywhere throughout the house. (Even the window seal in the bathroom). They had delicious food, 10 different pies, and great company. Everything was served on real China and real coffee cups and saucers. I envy and wish to one day have the good stuff for parties. 

After the party we had a relaxing evening at home. Brian made steak and lobster for dinner as our Valentine's Day dinner. We had a family movie night and watched The Secret Life of Pets. It was a really cute movie, even Austin sat and watched most of it.

Sunday started with our traditional family protein pancake breakfast. Then I finished my weekly menu, and grocery list. I offered for Ella to go shopping with me but she was having too much fun playing blocks with Austin. I enjoyed my alone time. 
I came home from shopping and prepped all the fruits and veggies. Everything got cleaned in an ACV solution the cup up and stored. Ready for quick grab and go and easier meals.

Later in the day we headed to my in-laws for some birthday celebrations. Brian always waits until the last minute to buy cards and gifts. Austin and I waited in the car while Ella went in with him to help Brian pick out the best cards.
We enjoyed spending a few hours with family and delicious food. Both kids were well behaved. 

Monday plans got changed a bunch at the last minute but still turned out to be a great day. Ella is in love with the UNO. She brought me cards that she had already shufffled and passed out 7 cards each. When I said wanted to reshuffle and pass out she threw a fit. These are the cards she had dealt. Her hand is on the left. She is a little cheater. How do they learn so young to cheat?

The big event for Monday was Back Handspring class for Ella at the gym. It was an hour long where they helped the kids with their back handsprings, cart wheels, round offs, and more. I have to admit I was a little disappointed. There was 2 coaches for like 30 girls ranging in age from 6 to 12. Ella was one of the smallest and youngest and struggled the most. This was her first introduction to a lot of the techniques and she needs more pratcice and help. Ella had so much fun though, didn't complain at all and wants to go back again. That is all that matter is she had fun. 

Hope you had a great weekend. We are counting down the days until Spring Break. 

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