Friday Favorites: 16 on the 16

Happy Friday. The weekend is finally here. We have dinner plans for my nieces birthday tonight, then I have no plans but relaxing, reading, watching some Hallmark movies, and possibly starting a Netflix series. (I pay for it each month I really should watch it)

Being that it is Friday it is time for some Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies, ErikaNarci, and Andrea. I am switching it up a little this week and also doing 16 on the 16

Here are 16 fun favorites from the week and random facts about me:

~ ONE ~

I am working on being a morning person. I am so much more productive and less stressed when I get stuff done before anyone else, especially the kids wake up. But when Austin is in my bed and as soon as the alarm goes off he rolls over and starts hugging it is hard to get up. I cave to cuddles. 

~ TWO ~

My least favorite chore is Dishes. I will let them sit there until the sink is over flowing. It would be different if we had a dishwasher.


This little girl loves her overnight oats. (so do I) We don't seem to make them very often though. It made for a less stressed morning. 

~ FOUR ~

Favorite stores to shop are TJMaxx, Target, and Kohls

~ FIVE ~

I have always hated playing sports.

~ SIX ~

Austin's new favorite toy. He use to have one then broke a tire off so we threw it away. I love that when I ask him to take a picture he goes "cheese"


I grew up in the same house my parents still live in.


Growing up my plan was to be Engaged at 21, Married at 23, Kid at 25. I was engaged at 21, Married at 22, Kid at 26, Divorced at 26. 

~ NINE ~

I am horrible at replying to a text, email, message... and forgetting to press send.

~ TEN ~

My head is still spinning from the Bachelor last week. I can't wait for the Bachelorette. 


I am excited for another Royal Wedding.


I use to be horrible on road trips. I would always end up sick. Now I am fine as long as I am in the front seat, preferably driving. 


I use to hate coffee and would never touch it. Then I started working at Dunkin Donuts and had to be to work at 4 or 430 in the morning. I would do straight shots of espresso. Now I love black coffee. 


I am a to do list maker. I love crossing out or highlighting things I got done. 


My favorite Girl Scout cookie is a Peanut Butter Patty aka a Tagalong. 


I dream of one day having nice china for everyone at our parties. 

Hope you have a fabulous relaxing weekend. 

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  1. Dishes are also my least favorite chore bleck! I'm also looking forward to the Royal Wedding and love making to-do lists :) Have a great weekend!


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