Friday Favorites

Happy Friday. Today is day two of Spring Break in our house. Yesterday was a successful fun filled day. This morning I helped out at my old salon for a few hours and both kids were awesome for Brian. Aubriella has been pretty good since, Austin on the other hand is deciding not to listen. It has been a long evening. The kids are finally both in bed after having a little movie night. Time to relax. 

In true Friday tradition it is time for some Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea. I am sharing some random favorites from the past week. Better late than never.

~ ONE ~

Just a normal morning brushing teeth suing the Disney Magic Timer app. Earning a virtual sticker makes it more exciting. Ella's Girl Scout troop is also working towards a patch. For the next month they have to brush 2x a day for 2 minutes each time and read for 20 minutes a day. They mark it on their calendar, turn it in and get a patch. Hopefully this habit continues and the girls keep it up. It is still a struggle for us to get Austin to brush his teeth, or let us brush his teeth for him. Anyone have any tips?

~ TWO ~

This is my crazy, cooky, independent daughter. She has her own personality and fashion sense.


This would be my wild, crazy, daredevil little man. There is never a dull moment when he is awake. Ella has been practicing her gymnastics in the living room. Austin is trying to be just like his sissy.

~ FOUR ~

Playing Disney Princess Monopoly. Not the easiest with my little helper rolling the die, stealing castles, and moving Snow White to the wrong space. I was so surprised how patient Ella was with him while we played until he knocked everything on the ground.

~ FIVE ~

#MOMLIFE Sometimes you just have to put a hat on and get sh*t done. I had grocery shopping to do even though it was downpourring. I am so thankful that Brian offered to let me go by myself so I didn't have to drag the kids out in the rain and craziness of Easter shopping.

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