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Happy Wednesday. Who is ready for the weekend? I am. This week has already been busy and I have no plans this weekend besides relaxing. 

Today I am linking up with Shay and Erika with How We...Wednesday. 
In January we discussed New Years Goals and Resolutions
In February we talked about Taking Care of Ourselves
This month is How We.. Mom Fail and Live to Discuss.

Before becoming a mother, I had this illusion that motherhood was going to be easy and I planned on being "perfect". I read a few books and thought I knew what to do. I use to walk around the mall or go into the store and see a mom not perfect, kids misbehaving... and think that was never going to be me. Yeah I was wrong. There is the harsh reality that NO ONE is perfect. Everyone fails at something. I have learned to accept that, learn from my mistakes, and just be the best mom I can be. 

We all can show and share our highlight real, and not show the reality of what happens at home. Instagram is known for it's perfection. If you watch my stories I am far from perfect, most of the time I have no make-up on, hair in a top knot, kids screaming in the background. That is real life. 
Real Life Mom Fails:
- Breastfeeding: goal to go until at least 6 months preferably a year. Reality I had it to 6 weeks with Ella then didn't have the most idea pumping arrangments are work so I quit breastfeeding. Austin I lasted until 9 weeks, then had to stop because he was having heart problems and I couldn't have any caffeine. I ate chocolate cake without thinking about the caffeine in it. I flipped out that I was going to kill my baby without realizing it so I stopped breastfeeding. 
- Keeping up with them: When Ella was around 3 years old she ran away from me. I was at my parents house she ran down the street and I couldn't catch up to her. She eventually stopped and sat in someone's front yard. This was a huge reality check that I was out of shape and needed to do something about it. Since then I have 
- Co-sleeping: It took Ella until we moved into a new house, she got her own room, and Austin arrived that she slept in her own bed. Austin we put in his bed, he wakes up most nights and crawls into our bed. 
- Wrong Shoes for gym: Ella has to wear tennis shoes to school to participate in gym class. She has had to sit out a few times and I had to take her a pair of shoes once. 
- Not pizza day: I sent Ella to school one Friday with no packed lunch, thinking it was pizza Friday, I was a week off it was speghetti bake day instead. I had to pack Ella a lunch and take it up to her.

We all have our mom fails. I found this Mom Guilt Bingo on Pinterest. I have a lot of this mom guilt, but I have learned not to stress out over it. I am being the best mother I can be for my children. I am not perfect, I can be forgetful, I may not doing something the way other parents do, but I do my best for my kids. They are both still living so I am winning. 

- Pizza for Dinner
- Yelled
- Used TV as a Babysitter
- Yoga Pants and Bedhead at Pickup
- Incomplete Baby Book
- Failed to Cherish Every Moment Today
- Birthday Party Wasn't Pinterest Worthy
- Non-Organic Produce Purchased
- High Fructose Corn Syrup in House
- He's Still Not Potty Trained
- Car Seat Faces Forward EVER
- Won't Buy Them a Puppy
- Threw Away Their Artwork
- Happy Meals for Lunch
- Had an Epidural
- Still Haven't Lost the Baby Weight
- Discontinued Breastfeeding Before 1 Years Old
- Hiding in the Bathroom
- Screen Time of Any Kind.

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  1. I love your honesty! I, too, failed at breastfeeding (didn't even try), we love some McDonald's on occasion, I'm still holding on to the baby weight, I had an epidural C-section, and I waited until just before 3 to potty train. Gosh, who sets these rules, anyway?! I bet you're an amazing mom!


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