March Goals

I took a few months off from doing monthly goals. I still have been doing my daily to do's and weekly things that needed to get done. Since I didn't write out monthly goals I felt like I slacked on getting stuff done if it didn't have to be done. I can be big on I'll do it later, there is always tomorrow, and I'll get to it. I am back into a great morning routine that is working for me. Now I need to get back into a monthly routine and being productive and having some more priority's. 

Here is goals for March:

Healthy and Fitness:
Continue 5am Workouts
Weekly Step Goal 60,000
Drink 70oz of water a day

Organize Bowls
Start Clearing Out Office
Make Master Cleaning LIst

Start Planning Family Vacation
Get A Massage
Family Game Night
Family Movie Night
Eye Appts Everyone
Plan Something Fun for Spring Break

Mother - Daughter
Play Date
Brian - I

Year Of Me Look Back
We are already 2 months into the new year. My goal was to live a more INTENTIONAL AND GUILTLESS LIFE. I am feeling great about this. I am focusing back on myself, eating healthy, working out, spending more time with my kids and family, less time on social media. I am happy, healthy, loved and sharing it with everyone.

Are you still on track with your own New Years Resolution or Goal? Share in the comments how your 2018 is going so far!!!!

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  1. that's awesome you're feeling great about your goals, focusing on yourself and less on social media is very important. i didn't make any yearly goals this year, just monthly because i find things change during the year and my goals always end up changing. i really need to make myself an eye appointment..

  2. Organize bowls like kitchen bowls? I should get back into my cabinets.


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