Progress in a Week- Week 7

This past week has been the most successful, productive, planned, and with some noticeable results. I wish I could say I didn't have any missteps but that wouldn't be true life if everything was perfect. Lets take a recap of Week 7 of progress doing 80 Day Obsession.

Monday (2-26-18)

High getting back to a routine, up at 5am and got my workout done at 6. Stayed on track, drank all my water and then some.

Tuesday (2-27-18)

Can't believe we are already 40 days into the program. I may have had some hiccups along the way but I am still going strong and noticing differences.

Wednesday (2-28-18)

Total Body Core done. I hate bonus rounds.

Thursday (3-1-18)

Busy rushed day. Workout was done first thing thankfully. Ella was late getting out of school, which made us almost late to gymnastics, we had 2 minutes to get dress and get her on the floor. Came home from gymnastics to a quick dinner before Ella went to her father's for the evening and Brian went to show a house. Then the snow/rain/wind storm started and we lost power. 

Friday (3-2-18)

Far from perfect. Woke up with no power, it went out at 830pm Thursday. Ella didn't have school took both kids to my parents house to stay warm. Nutrition was way off, not much on my meal plan in their house. Didn't drink much water, their tap water tastes funny. (and I lived there my whole life and drank it then but couldn't stand it now) We finally got power back and went home around 6pm. Had pizza for dinner as planned but my salad went bad. Not going to stress it just one bad day. 

Saturday (3-3-18)

Up at 6am catching up a little on sleep I missed the night before when we had no power. Got my cardio workout done. Worked for 4 hours at the salon I use to work at during their sale. Stayed on track. Ate before getting to work, had healthy snacks on hand if needed, drank lots of water, and had my shake on the way to pick up my kids. No excuses. 

Sunday (3-4-18)

Caught up on sleep. Planned my menu for the week, went grocery shopping and came home and meal prepped. Caught up on the AAA workout I missed on Friday.

Some Food From Last Week

Switched up my morning routine. Instead of my shake I had a bowl of Greek yogurt, fresh fruit and a little granola for crunch and a hot tea or hot water with lemon and honey.

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken with brown rice and Air Fryer Brussel Sprouts

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Salad

Protein Minnie Waffles with Organic Maple Syrup, blueberries and 1/4 banana 

Week 8 Dinner Menu

Monday- Leftover Eggroll in a Bowl (family will have spaghetti)
Tuesday- Crockpot Pineapple Chicken with peppers over Brown Rice
Wednesday- Dinner Out for a Burger
Thursday- One Pan Chicken Sausage with Broccoli and Brown Rice
Friday- Homemade 2 ingredient pizza
Saturday- Fish, green beans and quinoa
Sunday- Leftovers

Step Count for Week 7 (missing part of Sunday)
62,088 Met goal of 60,000

A look at the week ahead:
Week 8 starts tomorrow. Not only is it the last week in Phase 2 of the program, it is also refeed day. Wednesday I get to eat "dirty" carbs. I have some healthy brownies and a burger on my menu. I am going to keep drinking at least 70oz of water everyday, walking at least 60,000 steps for the week, and waking up at 5am to start my day. This week is also a busy week with working an evening shift cutting hair, Girl Scout cookies are delivered, Girl Scout Troop meeting, Service Unit Meeting, gymnastics, Girl Scouts Cookie Booth, and Girl Scout church event. My head is already spinning. 

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