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March I was a busy bee reading a few books all at the same time. I even had more on my bedside table ready to be popped open that I didn't get to. (Two of them I had to return to the library with no renewing option)


This is the fourth and final book in the Winter Street Series. I love that Elin writes so you don't have to read every book (I missed the 3rd) but still know all the major details that previously happened. The books wraps all the loose ends. I couldn't put this book down. 

I had a few girlfriends and fellow bloggers recommend this book when I was dealing with major attitude issues from Ella. We rarely have problems with Ella anymore, but finally remembered to request the book from the library and gave it a read. It was a good read with some great parenting advice, tips, and real world scenarios. I have tried a few already that have worked wonders. I plan on using this technique more in the future.

Where has this been all my life. This is the bible for girls with Curly hair. As a professional hairdresser you would think I know everything about hair, WRONG. This book goes into detail and explanation of how things really work for each different type of curls. (did you know not all curls are treated the same.) This is a must read for anyone who has curls, kids or loved ones have curls, and professionals. You will truthfully learn to love your curls. In the past two weeks or so I have been using this method on my hair and have gotten so many compliments, less knots, and less stress. 

Still Reading:

I am really enjoying The Happiness Project. The book Gretchen's year long attempt to find what she believes in true happiness. As well as reading her book I am taking notes and going to do my own little happiness project by changing different things in my life that I have control over that I know don't bring me happiness. I can't wait to share this with you.

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