Mini Getaway Day 2

Day 2 of our mini getaway last week. Aubriella was on Spring Break so we surprised the kids by taking them on a little two hour road trip to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. You can read about DAY ONE and their first surprise. 

Tuesday morning started off slowly. I slept amazing in a big comfy bed that I only shared with my princess. Austin wanted his daddy (nothing new) and we were all pretty tired so we didn't argue with their planned sleeping arrangements. The morning wouldn't be complete without another card game of War. 

Our hotel didn't have continental breakfast, or a menu that really had anything my picky kids would eat so we went and found some place else to eat. We ended up at Chick Fil A. The kids shared a meal then they were allowed to go play for a little bit. I have to admit even though we have a Chick Fil A two minutes from our house I have never taken the kids there to play. We always do the drive thru. Usually they are so busy and no where to park.

They both had so much fun and had the place to themselves. 

Even Austin was a wild man climbing all over everything. Bonus they didn't give us a hard time when we said it was time to go.

Ella had to use the bathroom before we left. I need to just give a huge SHOUT OUT to Chick Fil A for there awesome kid friendly bathroom. I was shocked to see that right next to their changing table was hand sanitizer. Every where needs this. It is hard to hold a baby and wash your hands if not impossible at times. 

Speaking of hand washing. They had a stool slid under the sink for kids to wash their own hands without having assistance. I have been known to try and prop my kids up on my knee while they wash their hands but they are leaning into the sink and it can be uncomfortable. Chick Fil for the win!!! 

The weather forecast changed multiple times while we were planning our mini getaway. One minute it was high if 72 and sunshine, the next minute it was rain in the morning, then rain all day, then cold. They sounds just like Ohio weather. Based on how the weather turned out to be that day we had two options of a fun surprise, one inside and one outside. The day rainy, cold, and foggy.

Ella still enjoyed being able to use her new umbrella she got for Easter, but it was a little to chilly to be out walking around in the rain all day. 

Surprise #2 - Pittsburgh Children's Museum. I have previously heard such great things about the Chrildren's museum that we decided to give it a try. Time for some picture overload. 

There were 3 floors of fun. Here is Ella sitting in a large top and trying to spin.

Who knew pay phones would be so fun for kids now a days to play with.

One whole room was The Pigeon Comes to Pittsburgh: A Mo Willems Exhibit. There was so much to do in this room, was the busiest, but was my favorite room.

Flying Hot Dogs

The third floor was Water Works. Everything with water and some. Many of the kids on this floor were soaked, some even had bathing suits on. We were unprepared for this, but still let the kids play for a little bit but limited what they could do so they wouldn't get soaked without an extra change of clothes handy. 

The second floor was the nursery floor. It is geared for ages 2-5. This was Austin's favorite floor. I was a little iffy on some of the activities because some parents were not watching their little ones very well, they were chewing on toys and putting them back. We are trying to stay healthy over here.

One of the reasons the nursery was Austin's favorite floor was they had two big train sets to play with. What little boy wouldn't be in heaven.

Between the first floor and second floor was this climbing maze. Ella had so much fun and didn't really want to come out, but didn't give me a hard time either.

We went back to the first floor for more fun. Austin driving a smart car.

Overall we all had a blast at the Pittsburgh Children's Museum. We stayed for a little over 2 hours. We could have stayed longer but it was past lunch time and the kids were starting to get a little whiny. We also had to hit the road soon to have Ella home in time for to go to her fathers.
Ella had a lot of fun and has already asked if we could go back again. I would love to go back to and do other fun stuff in the city, like the Pittsburgh Zoo which was our option if the weather was nicer.

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