Progress in a Week- Week 11

To say I fell off the wagon would be an understatement. I have yoyo'd so much in the last 3 weeks. I would do good for one day then miss my workout the next. I have had sweets in the house, horrible Girl Scout cookies, fast food... you name it it went wrong. Even though I wasn't sticking to my meal plan or workout regime I still kept the number on the scale about the same. I have noticed a change in the way my clothes have been fitting, I have lost some muscle definition that I was started to get. I need to find that motivation in myself again and get the spark going to get back to my routine.

Here are a few randoms from the last few weeks:

We got a new Costco membership. We decided to try their in house bagels. Unfortunately you had to buy 12, so we got 6 everything and 6 cheese ones. There was delicious and so filling. For quite a few mornings Brian and I had sausage, egg, and cheese on the bagels and swapped flavors. It was way more carbs then I need or want every morning. 

I signed up for a local bi-weekly produce delivery. (Perfectly Imperfect Produce)We got our first delivery two weeks ago. I got to try fresh beets and a delicious eggplant recipe. I based my menu around the veggies we got. Can't wait for our second box to come on Friday. 

A few weeks ago we had a Girl Scout event. I saw this picture of myself and am so disappointed in how I look. This should be motivation to get my butt moving and eating healthy again.

This is one of the healthy meals I have made. It is Eggplant Ragout. For myself I didn't use any pasta just all veggies.

Every though my workout and nutrition has been all over the place, I still have stayed on track with my daily shake. It has become such a habit to drink it everyday (for pretty much the past 3 years) that I feel "naked" without having it. 

The past two days we went out in a mini vacation. We ate the worst food. I came home so bloated, stomach aches, sluggish.... Proves that my body doesn't need/want fast food and crappy food. Food is truly fuel for the body. 

In a week I go on a mini vacation with just Brian and I. I know we won't be making the healthiest food choices, I will have alcohol which I haven't had any in the past 90 or so days. This next week I am focusing on getting moving again, making healthier choices and preparing to start fresh when we come home on Monday April 16th. Now just to decide what I am going to do to make healthier choices and sticking to a workout plan.

Any suggestions?

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