Spring Break Wrap-Up

Happy Tuesday. Things are finally getting back to normal with a routine around here for a few days. We had such a fun Spring Break, I honestly didn't want it to end. Ella was excited to go back to school yesterday and tell all her friends what she did over break, which was a lot. 

Here is a wrap-up from our long fun filled Spring Break with lots of pictures.

Thursday March 29
Our Spring Break started Thursday (It was also the end of the grading period)

We started off our day by going to the library. I let both kids pick out a bunch of books we would read over break.

I then let them play in the library play area for a half an hour. Most of the time they were the only two kids playing. When we go to the library we don't usually play we just check out books, so this is a treat. 

After the library we got Chick Fil A as a treat. We went through the drive through, then brought it home and the kids ate on their little table in the living room while watching Moana.

Being a Thursday means Ella has gymnastics. It was her last class this session and a blast like always.

Thursday was a rainy crappy day. I ended up putting on my favorite Mickey Mouse hat and running around and getting some shopping done alone. It was wonderful to start the week with some sanity, not so fun in the rain.

Friday March 30

Friday I picked up a short hours at the salon I use to work at. Means I had to put myself today that day. 

The day ended up being a relaxing day with just hanging out at home, playing card games, legos, and lots of cuddles. 

Saturday March 31

Saturday started off kind of early at 10am for a Easter Egg Hunt. We got there a little late and missed the egg hunt for Austin, but still had time to spare for Ella. It was a cold morning but look at all the eggs.

With all the eggs, also comes all the kids. Ella only ended up getting 4 eggs since she didn't push and was nice about it. Sometimes she needs a little more aggression. 

At the Easter Egg hung there was also games (which we did not do), a coloring contest (we brought the pages home), a petting zoo, and picture with the Easter Bunny (we also didn't do). Both kids had fun and we know what to expect for next year.

Most of the rest of Saturday I spent cleaning, cooking and preparing for our Easter celebrating at our house the next day. We ended up going to Grandma's to dye Easter eggs with them. (less mess for me.)

Austin was a little unsure at first, but eventually just dug his hands in the water.

I loved dyeing eggs as a kid and loving sharing this tradition with my kids.

Sunday April 1

Easter was busy but fun filled. Easter egg hunt, brunch for 10, dinner for 7, lots of laughs and love. Check out the full Easter Day Wrap Up.

Monday April 2

Road Trip!!! Going on a Mini getaway

Tuesday April 3

Day 2 of our Mini Getaway

Wednesday April 4th

Time for another play date aka I had my watch my niece. I went to check on them at one time and they were laying down reading.

Surprisingly they were so good. There was no fighting or arguing. They stayed in the bedroom playing together most of the day. I did make them come play with Austin a little bit also.

Thursday April 5th

Thursday was supposed to be a Memaw, Ella and Claudia day. We woke up with a few inches of snow, the roads were horrible by me. We live right by the high way and there were numerous accidents that we could see outside our back door. We rescheduled our play date. 

We decided to have a fun day at home with lots of play doh, playing school, and we finally used the Easy Bake Oven Ella got for Christmas and made chocolate brownies with frosting. Surprisingly they were really good, just disappointed in how little it makes. 

Friday April 6th

My three loves

Friday was the first home opener game the for Cleveland Indians. We tried to get a family shot, well that didn't happen.

We had plans for a possible play date, lunch out, and visiting a friend. Ella came home from her dads with the worst attitude so everything got cancelled or postponed. This was the first and only attitude problem we had all Spring Break.

Saturday April 7th

Saturday morning reading, coffee, and dance party. Every morning we start off listening to Pandora Disney music. 

Trip to the mall for lunch and a little shopping. We shared a California Chicken with fries from Charlie Subs. This was a first of not getting the kids something different and it was a win. Our mall doesn't have a McDonalds or anything kid centered. 

Ella is the one who said she wanted the sandwich that she gets the samples from. She ate her whole half and some fries. 

At the mall Ella and I got a new pair of sunglasses and did some window shopping. I was looking for a new outfit for vacation but didn't anything I loved. Since the kids were so good and I needed coffee they each got a chocolate cake pop. Another win. Austin had never had one before and Ella had previously tried one last year and didn't like it. (but it wasn't the chocolate flavor)

Saturday night Ella went to her first ever friends sleepover. She was so excited, I was so nervous. I know her friends mom pretty well and trusted her over there. It actually turned our very well. The kids slept for the most part and were good. I secretly was waiting for the call in the middle of the night that she missed me and wanted me to come get her but she did awesome. 

Austin was jealous that his sissy left him again so he stole her hatchimal. Austin ended up going to Grandma's for a little bit and playing.

Sunday April 8th

Sunday afternoon Ella has her rescheduled Memaw, Ella and Claudia date. They went to McDonalds, played at the playland, checked out Claudia's new apartment and visited PaPaw.

Sunday night we got back to our routine of bath, bedtime story and bed. It happened a little later than I wanted but still went smoothly. 

Did your family do anything fun for Spring Break?

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