Beach Club Resort

When we were planning our adult only vacation we had different needs for a hotel. We knew we wanted a resort that wasn't geared so much towards kids (yes even at Disney this is possible). It didn't have to be easy to access to Magic Kingdom. We knew that our trip was going to be short, lots of park hopping, and spending time at the Flower and Garden Festival. One huge benefit of not having kids with us is we didn't have to worry about strollers or too much walking. Brian and I don't go on vacation to Disney World to sit and be lazy, or complain about "too far of a walk". It is Disney World on average we knew we were going to walk at least 20,000 steps a day (we ended up walking over 32,000 steps a day.) Brian ended up finding an awesome deal and we stayed at the Beach Club Resort.

We arrived at the hotel and got in line to see if our room was ready. Check-in isn't until 3pm. If our room wasn't ready we planned on dropping off all our luggage with Bell Services and finding something to eat. While we were standing in line Brian got a text saying our room was ready. We got out of line and ventures around the hotel to find our room. I am horrible at directions at hotels and parks (but I am great at driving directions shockingly.) 

We arrived to a basic room. It was bright colored, clean, and welcoming. Our room had two queen beds, a small desk with chair, and dresser with tv in the main area.

The bathroom had a separate double sink from the toilet and shower. I have been spoiled with a double sink every time we have went to Disney World (not all rooms have double sinks) that I need one for home now too.

Our room also had a little coffee area and a small fridge. We never used any of it.

My favorite part of our room was our balcony that had two chairs and a little table. Our view was nothing special but better than a parking lot. The balcony in our room was larger than the other ones we could see, this would have been great to work out on the balcony while the family slept if I was here a whole week. This trip quick there was no extra workouts all the walking was enough.

My biggest complaint about the Beach Club Resort was the noise you heard outside our room. Housekeeping kept their carts outside the balcony. We heard a lot of people walking down the halls, etc. Since it was just Brian and I we were out late and up early so it didn't bother us to much, but the random time we stopped back during the day we heard the noise.

At the bus stop there is a screen that shows the wait til and what options of transportation is available to get to each park. This was our first time experiencing this at Disney World. It was a great amenity to have and was very accurate. Since it was just Brian and I we had no problems getting on the next bus available, but did end up standing most of the time. 

The resort has a few quiet pools and the main larger pool. We enjoyed the large pool once during our stay, just to try it out. There is a lazy river, a pirate ship themed slide, hot tubs, and a pool with sand on the bottom. Brian did the water slide and said it was fun. I enjoyed the very lazy river, there was only one jet to push you around. I was surprised that depth of the lazy river was so random and varied between 4 feet and 8 feet. 

All the kids at the resort seemed to enjoy the "beach" pool with the sand. As a native to Northern Ohio we have Lake Erie where we visit at least once a year. The sand at the Beach Club resort didn't feel like real sand. It felt like little pebbles under your feet. 

Beach Club Resort has three quick service restaurants, two table service restaurants and one lounge. I hate to admit we didn't try any of them. We ended up eating at the parts, especially the Flower and Garden Festival. 

Since we skipped the front desk we didn't have a lot of interaction with the hotel staff. We did see housekeeping walking the halls and they would say "Hello" or "Good Morning". (but it was nothing like the "Ahola" you get staying at the Polynesian.) We saw security once (like 5 guys at once) they were also nice. The concierge was awesome, Bell Services was also great. 

Overall, we did enjoy the resort. The best perk was the walking distance to Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and the Boardwalk. I don't think it screamed "Disney". Would we stay there again, yes but it wouldn't be my first choice. 

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  1. The Beach Club is my dream resort. It's so pretty there. I see what you mean about it not screaming Disney though!

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