Disney World Day 4

Now it's time to say goodbye, to all our company,

M-I-C, See you real soon!
K-E-Y, Why? Because we like you!
M - O - U - S - E

Who remembers that song from the original Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? I am showing my age. I use to love that show, would watch reruns and the remake with Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Justin Timberlake. Time to recap Day 4, our final day of our adults only Disney vacation. 

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Our final morning started off very relaxed. We slept in, packed up our luggage, then walked over to the Boardwalk to enjoy one last breakfast outside before heading home. (We never once ate anything at our hotel) Our flight wasn't until after 5, and we didn't have to be back at the hotel to catch the Magical Express back to the airport until 230. We had a few hours to spare. 

We wondered around our hotel one last time. Dropped off our luggage for airport transfer (that we wouldn't see again until we landed in Cleveland since we were flying Southwest). Dropped off our carry ons at bell services to hold onto until we were ready to leave and took a few last pictures. 
We had planned on spending our last day at Disney Springs. We spent the morning walking around Disney Springs, doing out last minute souvenirs shopping, and seeing everything that changed since the last time we were there a year and a half ago. 

Who doesn't love Lego's. Outside the Lego store was this Snow White display. (my favorite Disney princess) 

We had lunch at the Boathouse. We tried to get reservations there last time we were at Disney, but had no such luck. This year we were able to get a table for lunch. The view and food did not disappoint. 

After lunch we headed back to the hotel to grab our carry on luggage and wait for the Magical Express to take us to the airport. While we were waiting I realized I misplaced our papers to get on the bus and we only had airline tickets for Brian and not me. The concierges at the Beach Club hotel were awesome with getting us everything we needed printed in a timely matter so we didn't miss our bus. 

Once at the airport we had the fun of a delayed flight (by like 30 minutes) switches gates at the last minute, rushing to take off before Thunder storms. We got on the flight and in the air before the storms hit luckily. Otherwise we would be stuck on the ground for a few hours before we could take off and that would mess up our layover and getting home in time. Brian said the flight had the worst turbulence he has ever experienced. I slept through it. 

We still had a layover in Baltimore. Grabbed a late dinner at a horrible restaurant. Food was yuck, service sucked. I don't remember that name of it but I know we won't be eating there again. 

We got back to Cleveland on schedule, 11:45pm. Grabbed a taxi (second time ever in a taxi). Had great service got home by 12:15 (we live 10 minutes from the airport). Austin was asleep thankfully. I had an early morning the next day since I had to get back to reality and pick Ella up from her dad's in the morning and get her off to school. 

Come back tomorrow for a review on our hotel. Beach Club Resort. 

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