Friday Favorites

It's finally Friday. My crazy week is almost over. I am so excited for tomorrow so I can somewhat relax, which really means clean the house and work on my garden if it doesn't rain all day. Sunday is Mother's Day and we are hosting brunch for way too many people. (like 17) I am excited to see everyone but I am even more excited for Monday with no plans. 

Time for Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

She has a creative mind of her own. She made "hair" at school came home, dressed all in purple and asked me who she was. Obviously a One Eye One Horn Flying Purple People Eater, or maybe Rapunzel. 

~ TWO ~

Weather has been gorgeous. We have been enjoying our daily walks to and from school. (minus yesterday when we got rained on, on the way home)


Can you believe Mother's Day is this Sunday. Ella has been hinting what she made me all week I can't wait to see. Be sure to check out Mother's Day Gift Guide.

~ FOUR ~

Last night was our annual Ice Cream Social at Ella's school put on by the PTA. I was co-chair this year. The event turned out so well, we did ice cream sundaes with chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, sprinkles, m&m's, crushed oreo's, and crushed chocolate chip cookies. We had a great turn out but I am exhausted and volunteered to work at the school again today. The things we do for our kids. 

~ FIVE ~ 

I bought this water bottle off the Jane app. I needed to up my water game and switch things up with my water bottle. First the water bottle is 32 oz. I only need to fill it 3x to reach my goal (I also drink 8 oz of hot water with lemon every morning). Second it has a straw. I am surprised how much easier and more I drink when I have a straw. Third it fits in the cup holder on my stroller. I have gotten rid of water bottles that don't fit. Fourth, the time markings on the side keep me in check. I am usually ahead but when I know when I need to catch up those occasional times I fall behind. I just bought my girlfriend a similar bottle off amazon.

Hope you have a great Mother's Day weekend!!!!

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  1. I wonder if a water bottle like that would help me. I'm so awful about drinking enough!


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