Fun Weekend Wrap Up

Hey guys. Happy Monday. Hope you had a great weekend. We had a very busy Saturday that I am still recuperating from the long fun day. 

Most of the day Friday we were outside playing enjoying the gorgeous weather. The kids played in the sprinkler, on the swing set and in the sandbox. Ella and I also are trying to regrow celery. Lets see how we do. 

We all came inside to make homemade pizza for dinner. Austin sat down at the table ate half his slice then disappeared. I look over and he curled up in a ball and fell asleep in his chair. He had been fighting a nap all day.

Friday my best friend finally had her baby. Heather over at Heather's So Called Life. Brianna is just so precious I can't wait until our schedules match that I can go get some baby cuddles. 

This past weekend was All Scouts Weekend in North Olmsted. It is a fun filled weekend that includes "Boy" Scouts and Girl Scouts with team building activities, personal growth through activities, and so much fun. For older scouts it is an all weekend event, for our grade level it is just a one day event. 

Here are all 9 of the girls in our troop that were able to make it to this event. 

The girls got paired off then separated into four groups with a mix of boy scouts and older scouts. We had four adult volunteers in our troop so each one went with a different group. I was with Ella and Sara.

First up for the morning was four team building games. This one had to do with passing a ball and seeing what order to go in to make it go the fastest. 

Next up a human knot and untwisting to get in a circle. 

This had to be their favorite game. Make a bridge from point a to point b and get everyone across without hitting the hot lava aka the grass. 

The last game before lunch making a ramp for a ball to roll down and get in the bucket. If one person was to high or not in line the ball wouldn't make it to the bucket. 

After lunch we got ready and walked down to walk in the All Scouts Weekend Parade. The parade itself was only like 10 minutes once they blocked the road and we walked, but it seemed to take forever to get to the starting point. 

The afternoon was a 8 station mystery scavenger hunt. I worked the refreshment station so didn't get to go along with the girls and see all the fun stuff.  A few of the stations were a large puzzle, learning to tie square knots, a maze where one girl is blind folded then the other girl gives verbal directions to get through maze, and word search.

Another one of the girls favorite part of the day was the carnival and dance. There were different carnival games were they won tickets to trade in to get little prizes. 

The night ended with a fire and skits. By this time it was already 830 and past most of the girls bedtimes, it was raining so we were under a gazebo. Their were different sing along skits that the girls liked. Overall all scouts weekend was fun. Next year we will know what to expect a little better.

Sunday morning Brian made toasted coconut pancakes from Trader Joe's. OMG these have to be the best pancakes ever. So light and fluffy you dont feel like your in coma afterwards. 

After breakfast Austin asked if I would build the fort for me. He played with it most of the day. The rest of Sunday was a nap filled relaxing day. I wasn't feeling well so Austin and I stayed home to get better. 

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  1. The scouting camp looks fun! I went to cub scout camp with my middle son and found it so boring!


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