Summer Essentials

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Happy Friday!!!! We have had a crazy busy week. From hosting Father's Day, charity event, picked up hours at the salon, and going to the zoo today. This momma is exhausted. I am ready for a weekend of relaxing. Lets see if it happens. 
This past week has been in the upper 90's, then changed to comfortable 70's and everything in between. (welcome to Ohio weather). Our family has been preparing for summer and for our Disney trip this upcoming August where we know it is going to be horribly hot. Here are some of our summer essentials that we are LOVING!!!!

Aubriella and I both have longer hair that we wear up in a pony tail 90% of the time. I am in love with these No Crease hair ties by Kenz Laurenz. I love that I can get them tight and my hair doesn't fall out. Bonus I don't get headaches from these hair ties. 

Sunscreen is a must and applied multiply times a day. I know sprays are not the healthiest and safest products out there but they are the easiest to apply and my kids don't fight me.  have tried the lotions and they fight/argue with putting it on I don't feel like I get it everywhere. At least with the spray I know I can get it everywhere quickly. We are currently using Neutrogena

Speaking of sunscreen. I don't use the spray on my kids faces. They let me, and sometimes apply themselves (and I reapply) using a stick like chap stick/deodorant. This Neutrogena is my go to.

Drinking lots of water every day is so important, especially when it is hot out and your on the go. We each picked out our own metal water bottle at Target a few weeks ago. They are great at keeping our water cold even when it is 100 degrees outside. 

Cooling towels. I never knew it was such a thing. So many people have recommended them to us that I had to give them a try. OMG do they make a huge difference and work with cooling you down. We got these Frogg Toggs Chilly Mini's.

Going places and buying food their can be expensive. We try to bring at least one meal a day with us. Last year we got a cooler similar to this Coleman Soft Sided cooler. It fits our water bottles, and lunch, plus fits under our jogging stroller. 

Kids being in the stroller has pro's and con's. One con is that they don't get as much air flow. I found a Clip on Stroller Fan that have soft fins so kids can't hurt themselves and you don't have to sit there and worry about a kid sticking their fingers near the blades. We used it at the zoo for the first time and it worked out perfect. 

Kids love playing in the pool. We don't currently have a fenced in backyard and my kids are not pros at swimming. We have opted for a smaller blow up pool. They love it. There is enough room for me to get in if I wanted to also. 

What are some of your Summer Essentials? 

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  1. I'm thinking that we may need to invest in a small blow up pool until we our inground pool installed. We moved from an apartment into a live-in fixer upper and we do miss being able to cool down the water.


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