Summer Recap Week 2

This past week has been a whirl wind. We have family in from Boston, Colorado, and Seattle. They come home once a year and we try to squeeze so much stuff in while they are here, plus everyday life and an already busier than normal week. (heads up, this one is a little long)


Every time our niece Mariah visits from Seattle (and it not snowing out) we visit Cedar Point. It is an excuse for us to go and spend time with just her. 

Austin's first ride at Cedar Point was the Merry go round as the other 3 rode a bigger kid ride. 

Ella, Austin, and I headed for kiddie rides while Brian and Mariah rode a couple of roller coasters that had no wait. Austin's decided he wanted to ride the helicopter. It turned out to be a major fail. To make the ride go up you pulled the bar in. Austin just wanted to leave it pushed out or move it back and forth real quick so their helicopter didn't go up. Ella was not very happy. 

I got to enjoy a ride in the back of a jeep as the kids drove me around. (it was on a track that goes automatically)

Even though Austin didn't want his picture taken, he loved this ride. 

I wish I could say Austin enjoyed the bumper cars. Unfortunately the operator was a pain. He measured tall enough to ride the ride, then she said oh he isn't tall enough and wouldn't even let him ride with his sister. 

Austin rode his first real choo choo. 

and a school bus that goes up in the air.

So my kids may not know who Snoopy and the gang is but I got them to take a picture with Snoopy. 

Our traditional Cedar Point family photo

Austin rode his first kids coaster. He was in love. Not only was it a train but it went fast. This is the most priceless photo ever. True excitement in his eyes. 
Now there is no question he will have a blast at Disney World. Both kids fell asleep in the van on the way home. Austin had a very short nap on the way to Cedar Point. He did a lot of walking, even though we had the stroller. 


After such a crazy long Monday, Tuesday was a pretty chill day for the kids. They did a lot of resting, both of them napped, and Ella was running a slight fever. There was no playing outside.

Tuesday night we had a charity event with Coldwell Banker and Cleveland Clinic Kids foundation at the Cleveland Indians game. 

It was a gorgeous evening, with great company, a great game and WE WON!!!!! 


I picked up a few hour shift at the salon again last week. I worked 9-1 which meant I had to be prepared with my own food so I wouldn't order out or stop for fast food. Plus my shake, coffee, and water. Trying to stay on track with staying healthy. 

After work Ella asked if we could play Bingo. Austin also played with us and did pretty good himself. 
Wednesday evening Austin and I stayed home and just relaxed. I catch up on watching the Bachelorette. 


Thursday we went to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo!!!! It was the first time we went this year, and we got a membership. The kids and I will be going a lot this summer as something fun and close to do. 
Brian and I got coffee from Dunkin Donuts so the kids had to get a donut. who knew Austin could make so much of a mess with one donut.

First animal we saw were naked mole rates. These are one of Ella's random favorite animals. When we was younger she would stay here forever just watching them

Just a little temper tantrum. Someone needed a nap.

Such a good daddy picking up both kids to look at the black bears in the water.

Austin had a blast at the zoo. Running around, seeing animals, and he got to ride a tram to him a choo choo twice. 


Friday was another rest day. How dad ended up giving horsey rides I have no idea. But the kids had a blast. 

I made a homemade(ish) chicken pot pie for dinner. It was a hit with everyone. Recipe coming Thursday.


Spent Saturday morning enjoying the gorgeous weather and walking around Crocker Park.

Stopped in Trader Joes and got a few things.

Plus bought some locally grown fresh produce. 

After nap time and lunch Austin enjoyed playing in his sandbox for a few minutes.

Then the rain rolled in for a little bit. The rest of the evening Austin and I spent watching Hallmark movies and playing with cars, trucks and trains while Brian worked his other job until 2am.


Sunday morning was a Austin and mommy day while daddy was at some Browns season ticket holders event. Austin helped me with dishes, and laundry.

Austin also wanted to be a big boy and carry his own diaper bag to go to Grandma's for dinner. That lasted less than a minute. 

At Grandma's he built his new puzzle that Aunt Nancy just bought him. 

My Dare Devil. 
We had a delicious dinner of grilled bbq chicked, baked potatoes, veggies, and corn on the cob followed by key lime pie. Austin didn't take a nap so was getting crabby around 7. We stayed until 8 (we had to have dessert). He was asleep in less than 2 minutes in the car. Now I can curl up and relax with some hot tea and a book, and maybe some more Hallmark movies. 

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  1. Looks like a fun week especially cedar point and the zoo!

  2. We just went to one of our local zoos today! I just love seeing all the animals.

    1. Going to the zoo can be so realizing. We have many more trips planned for this summer. Hoping to also check out a new zoo or two.


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