Touch a Truck and Weekend Wrap Up

Saturday we had a surprise planned for our kids. A nearby city was having their annual Touch A Truck. It is the best opportunity to take both kids to see some trucks and I had both kids. More on that further down. We knew we were planning a family weekend and weather was supposed to be decent. Friday was National Donut Day, but we didn't partake, it was already a crazy morning. Instead we went Saturday got some locally made donuts and ate them at the park.

I got my favorite an Eclair (which I ate first), and a French Crueller. I have to say these were by far my favorite place so far to get donuts, and I have had my fair share of donuts. When I was pregnant with Austin we had donuts every weekend.

We got to Touch a Truck a little before it started and got the last parking spot (we ate at the same park) around 930. This is a huge event for Lakewood. First up on our adventure was Austin's favorite, the garbage truck. We sat on the passenger side. He was so thrilled. 

Ella enjoyed the Garbage truck too.

Next up the Fire Truck

Inside the ambulence

This was the longest line we waited in for the digger. Ella was surprised the tire was taller than her.

Life wouldn't be complete without going back to the Garbage truck again. This time we did the drivers side and he didn't want to get out. 

This is the face of a 6 year old when I tell her they are going to take her to jail.

Last but not least an all terrain police vehicle. Brian's friend was in charge of this one and let our kids turn the siren on real quick. They loved it. 

The metro parks was also at Touch a Truck with some animal skin. Ella's favorite was the skunk. Austin had no desire to touch them.

Lakewood Early Child PTA had different tables set up with crafts. They decided they wanted to make bracelets with beads. I was surprised how well Austin did with threading the beads on the plastic thread.

The kids also got to jump in a princess castle bounce house for a few minutes. 

Their favorite part of the day was the playground. This is the new suspended bridge. 

Ella loves this big weird rope ball thing. We let the kids play for about 20 minutes before we had to leave. Austin was not happy. He screamed, fought, and cried as he was carried to the car. 

Saturday afternoon Austin decided my carpet needed some more color. I left the room for less than a minute to get his changing table ready to change his stinky butt. I come back and he crayoned on a section on the carpet. Who knew a crayon could actually leave a mark on carpet. 

I turned to my dear friend Google to find out how to remove it. Dawn dish soap, hot water, and a white towel. I got to work scrubbing. It actually worked. I was so excited. I went a little crazy with the water. I grabbed my mother's little green machine spot cleaner (I forgot I had it or I would have tried that first) and sucked up all excess water. Ella and Austin also helped or at least thought they were helping. 

This spot looks brands new. 

Sunday morning started off with some serenading. This section they look cute, most of the time they were fighting over who got which microphone.

We spend most of the morning outside. Brian did yard work with Austin's help. I started working on cleaning out part of the garage. 

After lunch Ella kept asking if we could go see her Memaw. I agreed to go for a little bit. What she really wanted to do was see the house since my sister moved out and play with Claudia, my niece. Austin also likes going over there and playing with a new set of toys. Since my parents have an empty nest now they have a play room for the kids. Austin however still prefers to bring his toys out to the living room even though the girls were playing in the bedroom. Austin decided to ride the school bus down the hallway.

He also rode a box with blocks down the hallway too. 

To end our Sunday we had a movie night watching Moana, Ella's choice.

Did you do anything fun this past weekend?

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  1. Touch a Truck is always so fun. I wish we'd gotten to go more often when my kids were younger!

    1. This is the 2nd time we have went. the city we live in doesn't have it so we always go somewhere else but yes so much fun


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