Happy Birthday Austin

I can't believe it. It is like I took a cat nap woke up and Austin is 3. Three years ago today I just had a regular ob weekly appointment. Who knew that a few hours later I would be at the hospital in full blown labor, the hospital rushing to get me a room, and less than an hour after that had my precious prince was on my chest then taken away to the NICU. We have had some struggles with health issues at the beginning that only made us stronger and to where we are today. (he is cleared from all his doctors except the kidney doctor that we have to go back to after we are done potty training) 

Austin is full of energy, has the most adorable laugh. can always make you smile, his smile will light up a room, and is 100% daddy's boy. I swear his favorite words are "daddy do" when I am trying to help him with something. He is also so much in love with his sister. Always wants to play with her, steal her toys, and not share. What else would you expect from a three year old. 

Austin is:
weight: 28 pounds
height: 36 inches

Garbage Trucks
Dump Trucks
Choo-Choo (trains) 
Mickey Mouse 

Food- this one is a fight. 
Gold Fish
Animal Crackers
PB & J
Bagels (nothing on them right out of the bag)
HOHOHO (someone else loves Christmas right now, now if he will sit on Santa's lap this year we will see)

Being Outside
Watching Choo Choos
His sissy
Cedar Point

We had dipped our toes in potty training but it turned out to be a fail. We tried for 4 days with no real success at all. We tried the all in method taking him to the bathroom every 15-30 minutes having him sit on the potty and try going, rewards, ... Unforanetly though we didn't stay home all day and every time we left we just put him back in a diaper. I also think he was fighting a virus and had some poop issues (I will spare you the details). We need to find a few days where we have nothing planned of leaving the house. 

This year we have opted out of a huge birthday party like we normally host. My mother in law is just doing a small family birthday party for him at her house.

He could start preschool this coming fall but he would have to be potty trained. Only time will tell. 

He really does love his sister. 

Sometimes he is mommy's little helper.

He falls asleep in the weirdest positions.

Austin is daddy's mini me.

A dare devil.

and dad's pride and joy. (mom's too)

He is growing so fast and watching him learn everyday is the best thing ever as a mom. Cant wait to see what the next year holds. 

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