Summer Wrap Up Week 5

Happy Monday. I love the start of a new week and the plans for what is to come. I usually try to get my posts up first thing in the morning or the night before. It didn't happen today for a bunch of reasons. Our house has just been a little crazy lately with no A/C, cleaning the basement, hiding from the heat, and birthday celebrating. I finally got a little desk area set up in the basement so I can get some work done on my computer and my kids have lots of room to play and keep cool.

Lets take a look back at the last week.

Monday July 9

My princess came back from being on vacation with her father for a week. We started our day with grocery shopping. Knock on wood my kids have been very good with going shopping every week, sometimes more than once. I am not fighting them or telling them no a million times either.  

After shopping we came home to cool off in the pool. We are loving Bare Republic Mineral Neon Sunscreen sticks. I love that my kids can put it on themselves and I can see if they missed any spots. Ella honestly asks everyday "Can we use the colored sunscreen"

Monday was our first day of no air conditioning. Our whole unit needs replaced (a/c and furnace). I have been changing up our menu so we haven't had to use our oven. I talked Brian into grilling some chicken and we had chicken salad for dinner. 

The kids haven't complained once about the heat. The will just sit down in front of the fans. 

We ended up putting Ella's mattress on the floor at night. Her fan hits better and it cooler in the middle of the room. The little things you do to fight the heat. I can't remember what life was like growing up without a/c. I have been spoiled for so many years with having a/c. 

Tuesday July 10

Tuesday started off by cleaning the house before it got to hot out. Both kids helped vacuum, and put away dishes. 

I planned a fun craft that I found at Pat Catans. Foam sticker animals. 

Austin got the shark. 

Ella got a mermaid. They actually were harder to make than I expected, even for Ella. They turned out cute and both had fun, that's all the matters. 

There was confusion on what day Ella was supposed to go to her dads. She ended up staying with home on Tuesday, so we did an impromptu ice cream outing. 

Austin didn't complain.

They also got to ride the little Merry go Round. 

After ice cream Brian had to go back to work. I took the kids for an evening walk, hoping Austin would fall asleep and Ella would start winding down. It didn't happen. But I did meet my step goal for the day. 

Wednesday July 11

A few weeks ago I saw a fellow Instagramer shared her kids playing with water beads. I found this cute kit from Li'l Gen on Amazon. It came with two scoops and two tweezers. Score, my kids wouldn't be fighting over it. 

To eliminate fighting we also used two bowls. Each kid got to put 1 tsp (yes I mean teaspoon) of the beads in the bowl, then you add 3 cups of water and wait 4 to 6 hours. 

 5 hour later they grew so much. I dumped out the excess water and they got to playing.

They had lots of fun, played for a good half an hour, then went back to playing a few more times. I love that there is hours of fun, plus we only used 2 tsp of the 8oz bag it came with.

The rest of Wednesday we spent relaxing, playing, building stuff, and trying to stay cool.

Wednesday evening Ella went to her dads and Austin was home with Brian. I went on what seemed like a mini vacation, the best solo date ever. Starbucks iced latte and wondering the aisles of Target getting lost. Do you other mommas feel me? I literally was gone for about two hours. I went to exchange two shirts that I got for my birthday, but they no longer had them or anything I really wanted. Plus our store is remodeling so was a mess.

Thursday July 12

Thursday was a miracle day. I kinda don't want to jinx it. (complete opposite of today). Both kids were playing together, getting along, no arguing, it was like they were completely different kids. 

Thursday evening Brian had another work event at the Indians game. We played the Yankees and ended up losing but still had a lot of fun. Having great company makes a huge difference. 

Friday July 13

Mommy's little baker. Ella helped make Angel Food cake to have for dessert. 

Thursday night we got the official word that our a/c was fried. This was the motivation that I needed to organize the basement somewhat. The weekend was going to be hot and we needed someplace to escape to keep a little cooler. I wish I would have taken before pictures. Let me just give you the image of a walkway of boxes and being unorganized. 

We now have a living space. We took the TV out of our bedroom and cable box so I can watch hours of Christmas movies that I have dvr'd. 

There is also plenty of area of the kids to play plus they found lots of toys that had been put away for hours of playing. 

Saturday July 14

Saturday we had our normal now traditional farmers market morning and run to Trader Joes. We didn't need to much, and didn't buy much but it was nice to get out of the house for a few hours. 

The rest of Saturday was spent in the basement playing and watching Christmas movies. Brian worked an event that evening and Ella went to her fathers for the night for a bonfire. 

Sunday July 15

Sunday was Austin's 3rd Birthday. You can read some milestones HERE.

We enjoyed donuts for breakfast as part of our birthday traditions.

We enjoyed our donuts than went for a walk at the park. 

Austin asked if we could play at the park so we did that too. This park recently added a kids zip line. Both kids loved it. It gave me a heart attack watching them. 

Sunday afternoon we had a small birthday party at my mother in laws for Austin. He was spoiled with gifts and has been loving all the toys he got.

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  1. That's really cool that you only used so few water beads and they still entertained your kids for so long!


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