Summer Wrap Up Week 7

This past week we have hit a new milestone with Austin. The wonderful Terrible horrendous three's have started, this is worse than terrible two's He has had a temper and started throwing things, not wanting to go anywhere or go outside, misbehaving while out, and just being a normal three year old. This has stopped us this week from really doing too much. I am going to switch things up next week and hopefully things will go better. 

Monday July 23

This was the start of a rough Monday. Austin got yelled at for something. He runs to his sissy, who was still sleeping and cuddled her. Yes they are cute.

Most of Monday they did get along. We spent most of the day in the basement.

Snacks x3. I made Ella and Austin a kids version of my shake. It was chocolate banana with peanut butter.Easy way to get Ella over a serving of fruit, some veggies, healthy fats, fiber and probiotics since she hasn't been able to eat her normal foods. 

They both loved it.

Tuesday July 24

Tuesday morning started with some play doh fun right after breakfast. Before they were allowed to move onto something else they had to clean it up. The wipes down the tables with wet wipes, then helped vacuum, sweep and scrub play doh out of my carpet. 

After playing in the basement Austin decided to come upstairs and cuddle with me while I watched a Christmas movie on the Hallmark channel. He doesnt' do this very often.

Before dinner craft. Ella and I made countdown streamers for Disney World. 

Dad decided they deserved ice cream from Mitchells. We had gotten free scoops from the library program. I had a mom fail and let Ella get a cone when she couldn't eat it. 

Austin enjoyed his ice cream and was pretty well behaved.

Wednesday July 25

Another morning that started with crafting. After breakfast and dad went to work we headed downstairs to do a painting craft. 

Austin's masterpiece.

Ella's not finished masterpiece. 

Another day where Austin was fighting a nap. Ella got him to sleep in her bed. 

Wednesday afternoon Ella went to her dad's. Brian, Austin, and I did a Costco, and Trader Joes run. 

Thursday July 26

I don't normally shop at Giant Eagle. But they were having their yearly cereal sale. The boxes were only $1.50 each and the poptarts were $1 each. I couldn't pass it up. We will be stocked for a little while. 

Ella had been asking to go to my parents house to see MeMaw and have a playdate with her cousin. We decided Thursday was a good day. They actually behaves pretty well most of the time. By 430 they were both done. Attitudes and argueing started so it was time to go home. What do you know they both fell asleep in the car. It is only a 30 minute drive home. 

When we moved in 3 years ago there was a whole in the screen about an inch big. Little by little this little monster has made the whole bigger and bigger. Now he can fit his whole head out the window. Eventually it will get fixed.

Thursday night I also went back to my roots and did family haircuts. Ella got a fresh trim, Brian and Austin went back short. I have a love hate relationship with cutting hair. That night was a huge hate. Austin did not behave, the lighting sucked... but their haircuts turned out great. 

Friday July 27

Whats a morning without these two cuddling. 

Another naptime where Ella is putting Austin down.

Friday evening Ella went to her dads for the weekend. Brian started working on the house. Austin and I just chilled and played lots.

Saturday July 28

Saturday morning Austin ended up in our bed, nothing new. We both got out of bed, then he took over dad's side of the bed. I made the bed around her. He slept past 8.

I enjoyed a peaceful quiet morning getting some reading in and drinking my hot water with honey and fresh mint. (I usually add fresh lemon or lemon vitality also) 

The boys hard at work. We no longer are going to be the ugly green house anymore. 

Sunday July 29 

Sunday we had a pretty relaxed low key day. I caught up on laundry that needed folded, straightened out the house, spent time outside, watching some tv, did a lot of reading, and just preparing for the week ahead. Brian also did some more painting on the house. It is looking great. I can't wait to show the finished product in a few weeks when it is all done. 

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  1. Another pretty good week. How funny that Ella puts Austin down for his nap!

  2. I love that blue color! It's amazing what a big change a little paint can make. The 3's were by far the worst age for all of my boys (so far!).


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