Summer Wrap Up Week 8 and 9

Where is this summer going? It is already the middle of August (in case you didn't know, because I am still in denial) and is flying by. We are counting down the days until our Disney World trip and back to school, and crossing off more items on our bucket list. These past two weeks we have been spending more time having fun without our phones which is awesome, but also means some days there were no photos. Lets take a look back.

Monday July 30

Princess Belle decided she wanted some brownies. She made them all by herself, with my supervision. 

New obsession kale nachos as a salad with Bolthouse Farms dressing. 

Tuesday July 31

I took Austin to his first movie at the theater. Regal Cinemas has select movies on Tuesday for only $1 over the summer. We saw the Trolls movie. We wanted to see how he did for the first time since he just turned 3. He sat pretty good, ate popcorn, drank his water, but....  

He ended up falling asleep an hour into the movie. (and it wasn't nap time). He woke up as soon as we were walking out of the theater.

No trip to the mall would be complete without stopping by the Disney Store. 

Wednesday August 1

Time for a surprise road trip for the kids. Had to stop and get coffee from Starbucks. Their new lids aren't horrible and they still had straws. 

First surprise was the Toledo Zoo. 

It was a hot day, we all wish this ice was real. Neither of the kids complained once about it being to hot. 

This has to be my favorite photo of the two of them from that day.

As we were leaving the zoo I saw a sign for Biggby's. To me they have the best ice latte's ever and we don't have one close to home. I made Brian do a u-turn so we could get some. 

Another surprise, stopping at a state park and letting the kids play around in the water. This wasn't on my plans but was on Brian's so we didn't have swim suits. 

I told both kids don't get to wet (we did have a change of clothes). I guess this is Austin's definition of to wet. 

After the beach, we went out to dinner then headed home. It was a long day and both kids fell asleep on the way home. 

Thursday August 2

After a long crazy day on Wednesday, Thursday we really relaxed at home. We all had naps also. Here is Austin trying to wake up his sissy.

Friday August 3

A morning filled with snuggles. Sure I always have a million things I want to get done, but this always comes as top priority. 

Friday night date night for a charity event at the zoo, Twilight at the Zoo.

This year they also had Asian Lantern Festival going on as well.

It was a fun night with all you can eat and drink. Next year we want to go back with another couple. 

Saturday August 4

Sleepover at Memaws and Papaws. (Claudia showed up early Saturday and didn't spend the night). They gave my parents a sleepless night. 

The rest of Saturday the kids and I relaxed at home, played some games and had fun while Brian was working. 

Sunday August 5

I love our Sunday morning tradition of pancakes or waffles. I drip in real maple syrup compared to pouring on which you use so much more.

Ella earned a free ticket to the Cleveland Indians game for Scouts night from selling so many Girl Scout cookies. 

We also got the opportunity to walk around the field before the game started. 

Brian was excited about this as well.

It was a hot day in the 90s in the sun, but she never complained once. We stood in line for 30 minutes to get her ice cream, which she deserved.

After the game we had dinner at my in-laws then home for baths. 

Monday August 6

Monday morning procedure done for me. 

Brian surprised me by coming home from work with steaks, salmon, ...

and flowers for no reason. I'm not complaining. I am very grateful.

Monday night we got some rough storms. I didn't sleep much and I am surprised that the kids slept right through all the thunder. 

Tuesday August 7

Got two of Rachel Hollis cookbooks from the library. Found some great ideas. I can't wait to try.

Tuesday we had rain, beautiful rain, no thunder or lightening. It made everything cool off it was great. I sat outside to enjoy it then eventually got company. Austin then decided he wanted to play in the rain.

Then Ella eventually joined him.

The joys of being a kid and spinning in a dress in the rain.

We ended the night with smores made over the gas stove and baths to clean up all the chocolate. 

Wednesday August 8

Today was just one of those days. My kids not listening, not getting along, arguing, not wanting to go anywhere, not wanting to go outside, just a rough day. Austin ended up jumping on the bed and falling off hitting the bed frame. He got a Mickey and Ho Ho band aid. 

Ella went to her fathers the night. Before she left I asked her to make her bed. I go in her room later and find all her stuffed animals in her bed covered up. 

Thursday August 9

Thursday was another rough day. By the time Brian came home I was ready to run away alone and take a breather. I had stuff to do that the kids refused to go with me. I was planning on going by myself, but Austin hadn't had a nap and Ella wasn't helping. So I took her with me. 

She ended up being very good, found herself a cute JOJO bow and a shirt. 

After a rough day Brian made the most delicious grilled cedar plank salmon with a mango ginger glaze, grilled asparagus and fried wild rice. How did I get so lucky.

Friday August 10

Who knows what this look is. But she has a milk mustache. Friday we spent the morning shopping (yes again). We bought the last of the stuff we need for vacation, Austin and myself new shoes. We found Ella a pair of shoes she liked but had to order online to get her size. 
For dinner on Friday we headed to my parents for lasagna and homemade cheesecake and for the grandkids to play together.

Saturday August 11

I am officially certified (again) in First Aid and CPR.

Austin rode the escalator at Kohl's for the first time without any problems he is growing up. Then he threw a fit in the store because he wanted us to buy him some truck that was $30.

Another date night for Brian and I with another couple that Brian works with. We then ended the night at my in-laws for a fire and to pick up Austin.

Sunday August 12

Sunday was a catch up on everything day, laundry, dishes, finish painting the house, crafts for Disney, watch some more Christmas movies....

I wanted to test out my new shoes, and start breaking them in for Disney so I took Austin for a walk. We started in the stroller, then he escaped out of it. 

We took the stroller back home then went on a 1/2 mile walk. It only took forever. 

For dinner we had a birthday party at Brian's parents house for his uncle. After the party we came home went for a 2 mile walk, with Austin in the stroller. I am really loving my new shoes. 

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  1. That looks like a fun zoo! We've had days and days of pouring rain with some occasional thunder and lightening thrown in (usually only at night!) and my boys are going nutty spending all this time indoors with one another. They're 10 12 & 14 and I threatened to walk out of the store without them today and let them walk home...


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