First Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school, finally after having two extra days off for a high heat index. Our schools don't have air conditioning and the classrooms were over 100degrees in them, not all rooms have windows. Ella may have not been very excited to go, but I had enough excitement for the both of us. It had been a fun but long summer and Ella needs interaction with kids her own age again. 

With the change of that start day Ella was with her dad the night before school. We started back with our routine: bath/shower, put on pj's, give kisses, and a bedtime story, on Monday when she was supposed to go back to school Tuesday. We did the same thing on Tuesday night minus the bath/shower when we was supposed to go back on Wednesday. I had found out earlier in the day on Tuesday that there was no school on Wednesday but I didn't tell Ella or she would never have went to bed and we want to get her back on a schedule as much as possible when she is with us. (Hard to do when her father doesn't have the same out look on sleep needs)

This year I bought two books to read as her bedtime story. My favorite was The Night Before First Grade and Ella really liked First Grade Here I Come.

Thursday morning I picked Ella up from her dad's house and came home to start our morning routine. Breakfast, brush teeth, make lunch, and get ready for school. I actually almost forgot to make her lunch. Thankfully Brian had reminded me. 

I still need to find a plastic container to use for Ella's lunch instead of zip lock baggies and a mess, at least in my eyes. Any suggestions?

As our first day of school tradition we had funfetti pancakes and sausage. (I forgot to take a picture but they were so good)

Here are some photos from the first day of school:

Teacher's gift

Ella's first day of school interview:

I am 6 years old.
I am 47 inches tall.
I wear a size 13 shoe.

Color: Blue
Breakfast: chocolate cereal
Lunch: Mac N Cheese
Dinner: Cheeseburger
Snack: Poptart
Book: The Secret Mermaid Series
Movie: Descendants 2
TV Show: Paw Patrol
Toy: play kitchen
Activity: crafts
Thing I did this summer: Disney World

When I grow up I want to be a mechanic.
I'm really good at being a crazy child.
I want to be better a Roblox. ( I have no idea what this is)
This year I want to learn about: frogs
I'm excited for First Grade because I get to see Kaidence. 

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  1. She's really good at being a crazy child? Sounds like Simon! Roblox is a computer game, my boys are obsessed with it.

    1. OMG yes she is a crazy child. She must play Roblox at her fathers because she doesn't have it here.


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