Last Week of Summer

(I have no idea why this didn't post earlier today)
Happy Tuesday. Today was supposed to be the first day back to school for my princess, but we are having heat day. I was so excited for her to go back. On the other hand she wasn't excited to go back but is excited to have No School on her first day. There will probably be no school again tomorrow because the heat index is supposed to be worse tomorrow than today. Her school doesn't have a/c and some of the rooms don't have windows either.

Summer is over, well almost. We came home from Disney World last Thursday (like 1am) and have been spending the last few days trying to get back to a routine and wrap up the end of the summer fun and bucket list. Here is 10 things we have done the last week.

~ ONE ~

I haven't talked to much about Aubriella's teeth problems. She had some issues with soft teeth that had to be pulled. Her new molars won't be growing in for a few more years. The day we came home from Disney she had spacers put in so her teeth wouldn't shift causing more issues. So far we have had no issues with the spacers.

~ TWO ~

When a restaurant doesn't have any coloring pages or crayons you see what you have in your magical purse. I found a piece of paper and a highlighter to entertain him.


End of the summer water balloon fun

~ FOUR ~

Yes I have pulled out some of my fall and pumpkin stuff. No I haven't decorated yet.

~ FIVE ~

I hate back to school supplies. I hate sharpening pencils. Ella has to have 60-72 pencils this year pre-sharpened. I couldn't find any that came sharpened so we had to do them all by hand. I didn't start until September first (vacation had me out of sync) so I couldn't go buy an electric sharpener with no spend September.

~ SIX ~

It was 77 degrees in our house and she was complaining it was cold. 


A boy and all his stuffed animals, did you know I hate stuffed animals.


We stopped by the Maria Field of Sunflowers on Labor Day. Unfortunately they are already wilting. Between the heat and lack of rain. They bloomed while we were on vacation.

~ NINE ~

The night before first grade, or at least what was supposed to be the night before First grade. She is not excited to go back.

~ TEN ~


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  1. A heat day on the first day of school, that's kind of sad! I hope it cools off so she can go back!

    1. We have another heat day today. School officially goes back tomorrow it is only suppose to be in the 70s


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