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I am just a few days behind. It has been a lot harder to get back into the swing of things after being away on vacation and having the start of school pushed back because of heat days. I loved this top "How Do You Cozy" that I just had to share.

1- Slippers: Yes Or No? Yes, I get a new pair every Christmas. I normally pick a really cute pair from the Disney Store but they never last. This year I want a good lasting pair. What do you recommend?

2- What is your favorite Blanket? My mother in law got me this blanket a few years ago, I have no idea from where and there is no tag. It is so warm and soft. It has look isn't quite the same after so much washing, but still so warm. I fight over it with my kids. 

3- Thin or Thick Pillow? Thick. I actually use two pillows. 

4- Favorite Warm Beverage? Coffee in the morning, Tea at night. Right now I am loving adding pumpkin spice seasoning to my freshly ground coffee. Tea of choice right now is a green tea. I do switch up to a peppermint closer to the holidays. 

5- Robe: Yes or No? No I haven't actually owned a robe in years. I kind of want one though.

6- Favorite Comfort Snack Food(s)? popcorn 

7- Movies or TV Series Binge? Normally movies that I have dvr'd from the Hallmark Channel. 

8- Actual Pj's or Leggings? To bed I wear actualy pj's, around the house I am usually in leggings or yoga pants. 

9- Do you cozy up on the couch or a chair? Both, depends on my mood, cuddling, and the way the living room is set up.

10- Hoodie, T-Shirt or Sweater? All of the above. 

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