Disney Day 2

Day 2 of our Disney World vacation from this past August. The first day of really experiencing Disney with two kids. If you missed Day 1 you can read it HERE.

There is no other way to start a Disney World vacation with kids than to start your first park visit at Magic Kingdom. Having matching custom made shirts make it even better. Brian would not agree this is the best thing, but he still agreed to wear matching shirts once. 

Our first ride has always been the Tea Cups. I love them, but Brian does not. He prefers to get them out of the way before it gets hot out.

Next it was off to go ride one of Ella's favorite rides, Under the Sea. 

It was a weird day and we hopped from side to side of the park instead of staying in one area. Aladdin's Carpet Ride.

By 1pm it was already feeling like 103 degrees outside. It was hot, but not unbearable. When your mind is in vacation mode it doesn't feel the same as if you were at home dealing with the heat. 

I have to say my kids never complained once about it being to hot. We planned ahead, made sure we also had cold water and bought these foam fans from Amazon before we left. 

Brian and I went to ride Space Mountain with their fast passes, while Austin and I wondered around. We saw a little bit of the Incredible Summer with Edna. 

We caught the 2pm parade before heading back to our hotel for a mid-day break. 

After a short nap we went swimming for a little while.

Then we headed back to the park. In the afternoons the buses were a little less crowded that the kids weren't both sitting on my lap on the bus. Austin enjoyed looking out the window.

We rode the carousel while it started to drizzle. 

We finally decided to go meet a princess. First up was Ariel. Ella was so impatient and excited while standing in line. 

Austin was to shy to go up by himself so we made it into a family picture.

Austin was 37 inches when we went to Disney World. He was tall enough to ride Barnstormer kids roller coaster and loved it. He rode it a few times our whole trip.


Brian got him Pineapple dole whip before we headed to watch fireworks. 

We didn't pick the greatest spot to watch fireworks so I didn't take any pictures. The kids were halfway impressed, unfortunately they couldn't see the projections on the castle. They both were so exhausted by the time we left they both feel asleep on the bus. 

Overall we had a great first day. The park was busier than we are use to, it was harder to manual with a double stroller compared to a single stroller, wait times were higher than we anticipated but we still had a blast. I went into this vacation with the mindset that we probably wouldn't be able to do everything and I was fine with that. All that matters is the kids had a blast. 

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