Disney Day 4

Day 4 we planned to have a resort, and Disney Springs relaxing day. 

Our fourth day fell on a Saturday. We slept in. Then headed to the sister resort Port Orleans French Quarter for breakfast. We couldn't stay at Port Orleans and not have Mickey shaped Beignets. OMG they were freshly made hot delicious amazing. 

Brian got shrimp and grits. It is also made to order. He waited over 20 minutes to get his food but well worth it. It was a huge bowl that could feed more than one. It also was so good. 

Throughout Port Orleans French Quarter there are fun alligator statues playing instruments. Ella and Austin wanted a picture of each one. 

After breakfast we hopped on the boat to go to Disney Springs to do some shopping. 

Someone decided to make herself at home and get comfy using her dad as a footrest since I was using the seat as a footrest. 

Even though we just had breakfast Ella wanted a chocolate covered apple. She paid with her own money and was so excited to eat it. She wasn't happy she had to share with everyone else. 
Bonus tip: they will cut it for you if you ask. 

Ella had been asking for a light saber for a few months. We told her she could make her own at Disney if she still wanted one when we went. She still waited one, paid with her own money, and made one. She choose blue and purple. Austin also got one too. 

After doing some shopping, having lunch at Guy Chicken we headed back to the hotel for a nap and some swimming between thunder storms. 

After the storms passed and after dinner and putting on pajamas, Brian surprised us with a horse drawn carriage ride around the resort. 

It was a nice surprise and a check off my bucket list. The ride was so calming, and relaxing with beautiful views. It was a great way to end our evening. 

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  1. How very sweet!! I love carriage rides! Looks like such a great trip and those beignets...WOW!

  2. I love when there is time for a resort and Disney Springs day. I would love a Mickey beignet! So cool they cut those apples if you ask, that must make them a lot easier to eat.


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