Disney Day 5

Day 5 back to the parks. A day at Epcot with a special dinner. 

Miss Sassy let me put her hair in little buns to look like Minnie Mouse ears. Next time I need to remember to bring the right hair products so it will stay all day. 

Waiting for the buses everyday, twice a day was the worst part of the whole vacation. We tried to make the best of it.

First stop, getting our picture taken in front of Spaceship Earth. 

We couldn't pass up a shot at the Bubblegum wall. (ignore the little boy picking his nose) It was also another day of Ella and I wearing matching shirts I got off the Jane app. 

Our first ride was to Soarin. We used the ride swap option. Ella rode with both Brian and I. While Brian and Ella were on Soarin', Austin and I rode Living the Land. I really love the relaxing ride and seeing different fruits, plants, and veggies grow. 

Up next was the Finding Nemo ride then spent a bunch of time in the aquarium. We ended the by doing Turtle Talk with Crush then headed over to World Showcase.

The World Showcase is Brian's favorite part of Disney World. He loves trying all the different foods and learning about the countries. We grabbed a bit to eat then got in line to meet Snow White, my favorite princess. 

My only disappointment with meeting the Princess and Characters at Epcot is their time frame. It would be impossible to see all of them since they have limited hours and they stop the lines before their time is up. 

We couldn't go to Disney and not me Anna and Elsa. Anna was so fun. She was making funny faces and reindeer ears with the kids. 

While on vacation Austin got a new habit of putting his hands in his mouth or in front of his face, I think this is what he does when he is nervous as we push him to go stand by strangers and get pictures taken. 

We ended the first half of our day by riding the Frozen ride. Then we headed back to the hotel to rest, swim, and get ready for our special dinner. 

A special dinner always calls for dressing up and wearing matching outfits. 

We had dinner at Coral Reef. Your view while eating is the large aquarium. The food is delicious and it gives the kids something to look at while eating. We saw a huge sea turtle, a few sharks, some sting rays, and lots of other fish.

The night wouldn't be complete without a Mickey ice cream sandwich. It always tastes better when it is shaped like Mickey.

Since we dressed in matching outfit we had to get a few family photos. Possibly for Christmas cards. Is it ok to wear flowers outfits for Christmas pictures?

We surprised the kids with a special photo opportunity. This is the VISA cardmemebers exclusive photo option. You never know who you are going to meet. 

We did not stay and watch Illuminations. I had previously seen it and wasn't impressed. Instead we did some shopping and went back to the hotel a little earlier than other nights. 

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  1. What a great trip! I love the hair buns idea - that was so super cute! I can only imagine how much that mickey ice cream sandwich was!!! HA

  2. I tried that hair buns thing on myself but I couldn't get them even! I have a whole trip of photos with Zachary having his hands in his mouth just like Austin.


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